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Classic Pieces for the Ultimate Work from Home Outfit

COVID-19 has made possible what most people think is impossible: working from home. But as offices shut down and as employees transition to working remotely, fashion disasters are on the rise. From suits and semi-formal wear, the current working environment has made loungewear the trendiest work outfit. But does it exude professionalism? Most of the time, it does not.

work from homeWearing comfortable clothing that you usually wear at home to your online work conference may seem enticing. However, it is only acceptable when the cameras are off. You do not wear pyjamas to an important meeting. What you need is a comfortable yet stylish ensemble that will not degrade your professionalism.

Everlasting Fashion Pieces

Hence, check out these classic pieces that will never go out of style:


Accessorizing may not be the first thing you would think of when coming up with any outfit. But having one, especially a watch like Patek Philippe Nautilus is the quickest way to amp up your style.

A Patek Philippe Nautilus watch has a distinct classic-modern style, which will perfectly complement any of your outfits. It is among the pieces that have reinvented how watches are viewed during a time when the industry was in threats of peril. Hence, people have always deemed Patek Philippe Nautilus watches as luxurious and quality accessories.

Any outfit can go from simple to trendy with a quality watch with a powerful mechanism and aesthetic. Even plain loungewear can look expensive if you match it with the right accessory—simple, elegant, yet catchy. That is why it would be best to invest in a watch that will not easily wither at the hands of time.

Neutral-coloured Collar Shirt

Having such an impressive accessory is enough to catch the attention of your workmates, even during an online meeting. If you do not choose the right shirt to go with it, you can end up looking overdressed.

Being overdressed is something that you should definitely avoid. You want to look like a professional and not like you are attending the MET Gala. So, instead of fancy long sleeve polos, opt for collared cotton shirts in neutral colors.

The best choices of shade for workwear are browns, grays, whites, and blacks. Stay away from eye-catching prints and vibrant colors. Remember, less is more. Therefore, do not wear anything that can distract your workmates from your performance.

Complementing Cardigan

Nothing could ever make you look more put together than having a cardigan embracing your entire outfit together. Whether you are wearing a plain t-shirt or a collared cotton polo, you can instantly turn casual wear into an impressive work from home attire.

When choosing a cardigan for work purposes, it would be best to opt for a coat-style and an open cardigan. Make sure that the material is not too thick and does not have a frayed texture. Look for something quite thin that is smooth to the touch. Anything fluffy and thick will not only be uncomfortable to wear but will also may you look far from chic.

Dark Slacks

People think that working from home only means ensuring that they look great from the waist up. But what if you have to get up in the middle of a meeting? You do not want your office mates or a very high-profile client to see your sweatpants.

That said, it is important to also put on a pair of slacks even if you are just showing the upper half of your body. Doing so will not only be helpful during unexpected events, but it will also help boost your professionalism within.

For pants, just like your tops, go for the neutral colors. But it would be best to grab something dark since you are staying at home. There may be some coffee or some kind of food on your table that you may accidentally spill. Therefore, having a pair of dim-colored pants is better than anything khaki. 

Dress Shoes

Shoes? You probably think you do not need to wear shoes. After all, you are just working from home. But you are already looking dashing, so putting on a pair of dress shoes to complete the look would not hurt. Besides, it would be uncomfortable to wear only slippers or nothing underneath.

Putting on shoes will add more to the overall vibe you are trying to have. With a pair of dress shoes, you will feel as if you are actually in a working environment and not at home. In the end, you will become more productive, more confident, and more excited about fulfilling your duties for the day.

These are only the basic pieces you need to have. They are all simple on their own, but when put together they become the most professional-looking ensemble, perfect for working from home.

Importance of Outfits in Productivity

working from homeHome is often associated with comfort. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind, hence not being the perfect working environment. That is why many people tend to fall behind their working responsibilities and become unproductive. You can easily remedy and avoid feeling unmotivated by dressing up for work. Believe it or not, but some people simply turn off their cameras and do their conferences wearing sleeping clothes and as soon as they open their eyes. As a result, you do not start your day with good energy.

When you get up and get dressed, you trick your body into being productive. Once you start your day like that, all else will follow. You will have the right momentum to go about whatever you need to do for the day and more.

working from homeThat is why do not skimp out on your work outfits, even if you are just staying at home. You should only invest in quality pieces that will look good, last long, and make you feel comfortable. Do not get anything over the top, as this might not feel right for your current working environment. Find the right balance for a chic and professional style, and you will definitely impress your workmates.

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