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Envision Festival 2021- The Ultimate Utopian Experience Festival

If you are wondering, whether your life will take a turn after this pandemic or whether this is how the new normal should look like, you should rejoice, because the Envision Festival is yet again up for its rendition next year, in 2022! If you are looking forward to some four days of unlimited fun and frolic, amongst the exotic lands and beaches of Costa Rica, then Envision Festival is the right place to be in. 

Envision music festival is a Costa Rican experience, which guarantees its participants a few days of happiness, fun, laughter, and frolic. It brings together people from all over the world to engage in positivity. The environment is buzzing with art, music, movement, and education and it also brings together people from different societies and cultures. You will be instantly welcomed by the lcool humidity of the February jungle as you arrive at the picturesque event site and Envision festival location of Rancho Merced. A bit of rain arrived early this year, unseasonably boosting the already vivid green of the soaring coconut palms and sparkling hibiscus. Thus, we can already assume that the Envision festival 2022 will be great!

The Grandeur Of Envision Music Festival

music festival

Envision, is not just a music festival. It is not just an event being held in a picturesque location for the entertainment of the participants. It is an experience for the soul. The music festival brings together human souls and nature in one place and makes it possible to go back home with a new self. 

The Envision Festival builds itself upon 7 pillars and attributes. The seven main qualities that make up the interconnected experience on which Envision is based reflect our pillars. In the pillar wheel, press on each pillar to discover the pillars behind each of these characteristics. We believe in well-balanced schooling and practice, which is related to our relationship with nature. The qualities are mainly sustainability, music, spirituality, movement, health, art, and education. 

The music festival practices sustainability by ensuring that all the participants as well as the attendees partake in a holistic experience and not make the place toxic for anyone. Practices that are eco-friendly in nature and have a no-waste policy are also looked after by the festival.

The envision festival promotes a healthy holistic experience, by letting people indulge in all kinds of entertainment by keeping in mind the health of the environment too. The music festival lineup is one of a kind, where people from all walks and spaces of life can enjoy. For example, back in the year 2018, there was an excellent lineup of musicians like Fort Knox Five and the tribal vibes of Clozee, Matanzas sunset world beats, funky faves. The live music stage of Sol conveyed the classic sounds of the Bogota Orquestra Afrobeat and Bob Moses, while the show of Xavier Rudd had people witness heaven on earth. 

Although diverse types of music appear to attract different kinds of individuals, a breeding ground for cross-cultural pollination is always provided by the lay of the soil by the Envision festival. At the 2018 edition of the Envision festival, a couple in their 80s was observed sharing a peace pipe with young adults and weary ravers taking a rest from the bass by attending a holy cacao ceremony. Old men and women can be explained to have a spiritual experience at this place as the vibes are off-limits. Even babies and kids with their parents are said to have an amazing time at the envision festival

The Comeback of The Music Festival

the envision festival

The year 2020 was a difficult one for humans all over the world. Many have lost their dear and near ones and many are struggling to make sense of things that are going on around them. Therefore, the envision festival last took place in the year 2020, and right after that, the world plunged into a horrible mess. It could not be held in 2021 either due to many protocols of Covid-19 in various countries. But, they are back in form and fully geared up for the 11th edition of the Envision festival in 2022. 

When you reach envision festival site, you are greeted with clearly defined signs, all of which gravitate around the village, leading you anywhere you want to go. The village provides a wide selection of products, ranging from wood-fired pizza to vegan ice cream, with the majority of food being made from fresh and organic ingredients. Therefore, if you are a foodie, then this place will look like heaven to you due to the overwhelming options available. 

As we mentioned earlier, the place is not just a site to have fun. One can also indulge in a variety of activities that will enrich their mind and soul. There will be many workshops held, at the Envision festival, where one can learn the art of pottery, one can learn how to do village handicrafts from the experts and also one can go to the village doctor for certain medicines that they need. The Costa Rican environment is so exotic that one would not feel like going back home. For the first time, it was a spot to try walking a slackline, to take a timeout in a hammock, or to be encouraged by a studio. When taking in an intimate live set by a headlining artist on a tiny stage, you could shop the craft market or discover herbal remedies from trained witches.

As the music festival encourages one to stay healthy alongside having fun, there is the practice of yoga, dance classes, gymnastics that goes on alongside the main activities too. Therefore, fitness enthusiasts can also be a part of this amazing music festival with its amazing lineup of artists and remain fit at the same time. 

In 2022, the Envision festival is all set to come back in its full form and flavour. The website www.envisionfestival.com is all set and geared up with the waitlist from now itself. The next ticket window for the Envision festival 2022 will open on the 16th of February at 1 PM ET. Several news channels and magazines have covered the news about how the festival is all set to be back in its full flavour in the year 2022, like Rollingstone, Billboard, Huffpost, Playboy, and Forbes, and also vice. People all over the world who have attended the festival have mentioned that after the festival, they felt like appreciating the beauty of nature more. The Envision festival dates are set in the post-winter phase and as it is set in a tropical place; one will enjoy the pleasant weather that accompanies the jungle arena. So go ahead and join the waitlist for this beautiful adventure!

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