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Content Writing: A Passion As Well As A Career Option

Content writing involves an ongoing creative method of coming up with some unique ideas, arranging them together, and finally putting them into words. It helps a product or a service to achieve a stable position in their respective industries by reaching out to various people on the web. Good content often serves as an effective marketing or promotional tool for a product or service. Hence, a content writer needs to understand and figure out his motive before writing any content. A freshly brewed content is more like hot snacks which provide great satisfaction on consumption, served at the right time with the right company. This article would help the ones who have a flair for writing and a knack for creating some stunning content.

Apart from being food for various marketing needs of different industries, the ability to write marvellous and engaging content is often useful for the ones who aspire to become an author or work in a publishing house in the future. Convincing content in the form of a story, poetry, article, or essay can attract readers from different walks of life. Although this article, we will discuss the two most important forms of content writing- SEO content writing and website content writing for all the aspiring writers to are trying their best to find a place in the content writing industry. Along with that, we will describe the process of writing mind-blowing content for beginners and also for professionals as well.

Content Writing Based on SEO 

SEO content writing
This form of content writing involves the use of SEO to drive engagements to a particular website of the company or an organization. It aims to target unpaid traffic rather than the paid ones. SEO content writing deals with planning and processing the optimized content that would help the product or the service to find a high rank in the search engines. Writing optimized content for a product is important as it also helps in reaching out to various people who constantly keep an eye on the internet to meet their needs for their various interests. For example, if a person wishes to buy a graphic t-shirt online, he will search for it on the internet through the search engine. The results would show the links to various online shopping sites that sell graphic t-shirts along with other t-shirt designs. Clear, concise, and descriptive SEO content will provide him with all the relevant information about his search from among the other irrelevant results on the web.

Website Content Writing 

website content

One of the most interesting and fun facts about this profession is of writing content for a website. It is rightly mentioned that the magic lies in the hands of the player. Similarly, the traffic gained by a website or a blog lies in the hands of the content writer who is responsible for his craft in designing the elements for the website. The amount of opportunity it gives to the writer to explore makes it quite an interesting task. There are some points that a person should always keep in mind while designing contents for any website in the most effective manner-

  • Before beginning to write anything, the person who is responsible to design the content should always prepare a sketch of the points to write.
  • The motive behind creating such content should be properly clear in his head.
  • The writer should always plan and arrange his language and style in a way so that befits the purpose behind the purpose of creating such a website. 
  • A good website content writer will always conduct strong research about the target audience which includes-the age groups, interests, and the areas they want to target.
  • The use of the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) is quite useful to make the website have an identity by ranking higher in the search engine.
  • Web Content Writer- The job of a web content writer includes writing various contents for the web where they describe a particular website they are working for, the various products or services they offer, the working of the company, and information about the staff as well. This type of job is highly demanded by Content Marketing agencies across the world and usually represents a huge opportunity for content writers.

Career Opportunities In Content Writing

For the writers who have a nose for writing interactive, informative, and engaging content, there are some career opportunities in this field. There are no regular degree courses for content writing, except for a few certificate courses. Although, it is recommended that if a person wants to make his/her profession in this field, then they must have a bachelor’s degree in either of the fields- English, Journalism, or Mass Communication. The quality of content improves with the experience of a person in this field as they work for a newspaper industry or a web portal and also for any marketing industry. Some career opportunities in this field are as follows:

  • Freelance Content writer- The job of a freelancer ranges from writing posts for social media management, collateral development, and content development, which depends on who they are working for. This might include email marketing where the person needs to create and manage various email campaigns. It further includes creating videos and brochures for various companies or services.
  • Web content writer- The job of a web content writer includes writing various contents for the web where they describe a particular website they are working for, the various products or services they offer, the working of the company, and information about the staff as well.
  • Bloggers- Bloggers are self-independent writers who create and manage their blogs online where they share their knowledge in their fields of interests. They can build a huge amount of audiences who would appreciate their work and ideas. This profession creates satisfaction for a writer as it seeks to develop the creative skill of a person while writing a good blog.
  • Editors and creative content writers- The job of a creative content writer and editor includes writing various news articles, blogs or posts, statement of purpose, letter of recommendations, and application essays as well. They are generally hired by various publishing houses and have a handsome payment structure for the professionals.
  • Scriptwriters- Scriptwriters are responsible for creating ready-to-shoot scripts for various modules required for training. Scriptwriters are hired by various Edu-tech companies they need these ready-to-shoot scripts regularly. A writer with sound theatrical experience can prove himself to be a good fit for this job.

As discussed in this article that content writing is a skill-based profession and is one of the most appreciated fields to work especially when the use of the internet is at its peak. In India, this profession is taken up by a huge number of fresh graduates who have just completed their degree courses. Content writing is as important as any other profession because only proper, informative and flawless content would help a company to be recognized among its competitors and also to stand out with a difference in the industry. The art of weaving various styles and languages into the fabric of the content is indeed a talent that exists within a person by birth. This an interesting field that provides you with the scope to explore and test your knowledge.

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