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Amazon Gift Card

What are gift cards?

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any other occasion coming up? Just go ahead and present your favourites with the gift of food, fishing gear, clothes, AA batteries, cat litter, or any of the other countless products sold at the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon. And how may you do this? Simple, just with the help of the amazing Amazon Gift Cards. The gift cards from Amazon enable you to shop online unabashedly from the most customer-centric online store. Simply convert your personal card value to the Amazon Pay Balance in no time, then by purchasing Amazon Gift Cards/Amazon Gift Vouchers redeem your PAYBACK points. More PAYBACK points are added to your account for every purchase of an Amazon Gift Card. These dynamic gift cards are applicable during special shopping seasons and SALE organized by Amazon.

Where to buy Amazon gift cards?

Now you may ask, where exactly can you avail or buy these amazing gift cards? Believe it or not, but apart from the official Amazon website itself, there are hundreds of external retailers tied up with Amazon who provide axing gift card deals to suit your best demands! Some of the most popular and best-known stores that sell Amazon gift cards are Costco, Kroger, Target, Barnes and Noble, Safeway, and 7-11. You can always check and recheck the official Amazon’s list to see all the retailers that Amazon is involved with.  Nevertheless, undoubtedly, the easiest place to get an Amazon gift card, that comes in preset options of $10, $25, $50, and $100 amounts (customization of the value is available –  a custom gift with a value anywhere between $25 to $500 can be present).

From Amazon’s website, you can choose to order three different gift cards:

  • E-gift cards: These get delivered via email and can be redeemed through their respective Amazon account.
  • Print at home gift cards: The name says all, these gift cards can be printed and put into an envelope for a subtle personal touch.
  • Mail gift cards: You can order an Amazon gift card online and have a physical card delivered the very next day, with no extra charges and no cost for shipping.

You can even buy and interlink your Amazon Pay Balance from external sources too like your personalized visa gift card, or, target gift card, steam gift card, Kroger gift card, Costco gift card, or even popular discount gift cards from the Amazon website itself.

How to Buy Amazon Gift Cards with PAYBACK?

The amazing feature of Amazon is that all your transactions, offers, redeemed actions, PAYBACK, and discounts get stored and interlinked with one another to offer you the most reasonable shopping and gifting experience. You can buy Amazon gift cards using your collected Amazon PAYBACK points to save more each and every time. Amazon PAYBACK always showers great deals on gift cards and gift vouchers regularly which can maximize your savings. With your redeemed E-gift cards, you can also:

  • Club them with already existing deals and discounts on Amazon
  • Multiple Amazon gift card codes can be applied while going through one single purchase 

How to send an Amazon Gift Card?

There are two ways to send your Amazon gift card:

  • Select the “THIS IS A GIFT” option on your Amazon cart while purchasing the gift card from PAYBACK. Now simply fill in the details of the recipient, and you can send the Amazon Gift Card directly.
  • Or, you can receive the gift card from PAYBACK itself and easily forward it to the recipient. You can also just send the code of the Amazon gift card. The Amazon gift card is shared via SMS or Email. No physical voucher or card is provided nor required while shopping on Amazon.

E-gift cards

The electronic portal makes everything easier and more readily accessible. E-gift cards are the smartest ways to gift your friends. Your recipient simply receives the E-gift card on Email and then your gift recipient can log on to Amazon.com, and simply use your E-Gift Card to purchase anything from the store that they desire!

Steam gift cards

Steam gift cards from Amazon are yet another cool feature for all the game lovers out there! These gift cards are not digital activation keys like games but the steam gift cards are physical products that get shipped to the recipient’s address. Upon receiving a Steam gift card, one needs to scratch the activation code on the gift card’s back. Steam wallet codes and vouchers can be redeemed anywhere worldwide and you can even use them to buy games in the reals stores out there!

The advantages of a Visa gift card

Amazon aims to make everyone stick to Amazon gift cards. An Amazon gift card is a great option for a gift but a Visa card is way better a visa card scores the most in this category by beating cash. The reasons are several, for instance, you cannot use an Amazon gift card in the local eatery, a gas station, or in a cinema and you cannot use cash to shop online be it on Amazon or any other portal. You can use a visa card for shopping on Amazon, you just need to add the card as just another debit or credit card and not use it as a gift card. So you have to make sure that the visa is active before adding the card’s balance to your Amazon account. It is important to remember that you can’t split the buying between the loaded gift card and other payment methods. So, it is important to buy with caution and the balance in the mind.

Discount gift cards

There are often discount offers linked to credit banking cards where Cardholders can make any purchase of gift cards from Amazon.com and make the payment using the Card, will be entitled to receive instant attractive discounts (commonly 10%) on the total purchase value for a successful purchase transaction made on Amazon.com, provided the purchase value for such transaction (inclusive of taxes) is equivalent to or exceeds certain designated sums (usually $50-$75) on a per-transaction basis. Each and every gift card holder can avail maximum discounts under such discount gift card offers for the purchases on Amazon.com using the Gift Card, irrespective of the number of total purchases. 

There can be no end to shopping sprees or festivals throughout the year. There are so many friends, so many people to gift so many things too, but it may also be a headache to choose the right ones each time. So worry not and because be it any occasion, Amazon has something perfect for everybody. Simply purchase the Amazon E-Gift Card, and let your gift recipients choose what they wish to buy! There are several options to buy and attractive deals to choose from. Avail of your points, redeem, and collect more PAYBACK with every gift card purchased. So don’t worry anymore and go on a gifting spree this time. Make your loved ones happy and remind them how much you care about them with the Amazon gift cards.

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