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Steal the Look: Cindy Crawford’s 8 Most Iconic Fashion Pieces

Cindy Crawford, one of the original supermodels, a well-known actress, a fashion icon, and now, a businesswoman. Despite being retired at 54 years old, Cindy is still turning heads and creating new paths in the world of fashion and design. Her stunning brunette hair and brown eyes have captured the attention of many ever since she began her career. Every outfit and article she has worn became one of the reasons why she remained at the top of the fashion pyramid.

Unfortunately, there can only be one Cindy Crawford. Women around the world would want to follow some of her outfits and accessories. Who can blame them? From the 1980s to today, Cindy’s items have been classics that are still in style today. Read on for some of her most iconic looks that you can base your next outfit on.

1. The Watch

Cindy Crawford is an Omega Girl and has been for a long time. Omega Womens Watch has been her fashion statement in events, movies, and day-to-day outfits. The Omega Constellation Collection is known to be her favourite among all, probably because she took part in designing them herself. The sleek and simple watches compliment her overall outfit and style, but that is not the only reason Cindy loves Omega. According to her, she has been with the brand for more than 20 years because of the quality of their products and because she shares the same values with the company. Her daughter Kaia Gerber is now also an Omega Girl. Omega offers a wide range of designs, and these watches will surely make a difference in your outfit!

2. The Airport Outfit

This attire is perfect for everyday looks and casual events. You can start by grabbing a pair of straight-cut mid-rise denim. High-waisted jeans work too. Then, put on a mock neck top (Cindy wore a black top but feel free to be creative!), then top it off with a leather motorcycle jacket. Add a belt to put it all together, slip on some black low-cut boots and get ready to smile for the camera! Play around with neutral and autumn colors with this attire to match your taste.

3. The Silk

The key to this outfit is to play with texture. Cindy wore a black silk top and paired it with black jeans. On her feet were plain black flat shoes. To add color, she wore a brown belt and a silver watch. This was an all-black outfit but add your style to it by incorporating your favourite colors into it. In another getup, Cindy wore a dark-blue silk dress under a black cropped cotton and cashmere button-up top. Black high-knee boots added definition to the look and were completed by a black drawstring bag together with a small silver-beaded bracelet. Cindy also pulled off an all-silk look for a magazine cover. It is worth a try!

4. The Black Bag

Unlike many celebrities, Cindy has been spotted multiple times using the same bag- a Black Leather Marcello de Cartier Bag. For those of us who can’t afford this specific bag (I empathize with you), any black bag will do. Having a dark-colored bag adds balance to your outfit no matter what color scheme you are on.

5. The Red Dresses

On several occasions, Cindy wore red dresses. These dresses are form-fitting and stunning. Regardless of what many think, you don’t need a supermodel figure to rock this outfit. All you need is confidence! Choker, low cut, full length, sleeveless, one-strap, and off-the-shoulder dresses are some of the red dresses Cindy has worn. She usually paired these dresses with silver accessories, shoes, and bags. Take a step closer to Cindy’s look by putting on bold red lipstick.

6. The Oddly Good Combo

Who would ever rock a pair of varsity-style jackets with pencil skirts? Only the fashion icon herself. Cindy wore this outfit in her movie Fair Game and if you are up for something new, try on this look with confidence. Put on a pencil skirt and some stockings (preferably the same color). Then, tuck in a crew neck shirt. Wrap a belt around your waist, put on some heels, and slip into your varsity-style jacket. Add a silver watch, and bam! You look badass!

7. The Suits

If you are tired of wearing dresses and skirts, try some suits. Cindy wore two-toned suits usually in cream, beige and dull colors. Get a blazer and pants that suit your skin tone. We suggest using darker colors or neutral colors to add contrast to the outfit. Grab an undershirt, with or without a collar. Put on all of those, then slip on some black, white, or brown shoes, and you are ready to go! It is much more comfortable than the usual women’s formal wear, but it is just as stylish.

8. The Corsets

The 1992 Versace Corset is probably the most iconic and well-known outfit of Cindy. This had a sheer, netted bodice with leather straps and gold buckles wrapping around her body. The lower half was a form-sitting high slit skirt. This could be your next party look! But we understand that wearing the corset alone might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so we suggest matching it with a white long-sleeve blouse.

Fashion is an art form and an expression of self. Cindy Crawford has certainly made her mark in art and that has certainly helped the world of fashion grow. From colors to textures, to bags and accessories, Cindy has set an example for us that we can follow. But, at the end of the day, you do you. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Walk out with your head up in whatever makes you feel confident. Who knows? You might be the next Cindy Crawford.

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