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PDFBear: Convert Your Files to and From PDF in a Snap!

The pandemic continues to bring disturbing changes in the country. Businesses experienced bankruptcy that forced them to close their establishments for good. Universities prohibit all students and teachers from entering their premises. It leads to what we all know now as a remote learning setup.

This setup made you highly dependent on digital technology. Without it, you can’t attend classes and submit requirements. Nowadays, instead of using physical files, you handle digital documents. You are probably at wits’ end trying to figure out how to convert these documents into your professor’s desired file format

You may find it challenging, but with PDFBear, you can perform all conversion processes in just a snap!

Let’s define first what PDFBear is!

PDFBear is a handy online tool that can serve all your PDF-related needs. It can reach the expectations you have set yourself for an online tool because of its wide range of features. Each of its offered services is functional. In one way or another, you will face situations where you will need them.

If you are searching for a PDF to Word converter online, then go to PDFBear’s website because it has this feature. It can even convert PDF to other file formats aside from Word documents. If you need to add page numbers to a file, you can also use it. You can merge and split PDF documents and so much more.

Aside from having a high functionality, PDFBear is accessible to anyone from different geographic locations. It is available to all users belonging to various countries. To use its features, you only need to have a device and a stable internet connection. Nothing more, nothing less.

Once you access its website, you can immediately start accomplishing your tasks without having to pay any amount of money.  What a cost-effective method to manipulate documents, right?  It also saves every user from using complicated applications and software which is such a relief for technologically behind persons. It is a heavens sent online tool, especially if you are facing financial difficulties amidst the pandemic.

PDFBear’s Conversion Tools

Since you now know what PDFBear is and its notable characteristics, let’s proceed with the central point – PDFBear’s conversion tools. For you to successfully convert your files, we have explained how to convert to and from PDF and the importance of each conversion.

Convert to PDF

PDF is one of the most popular file formats in the digital age. Professors would specifically require students to make their documents in PDF. Even business owners prefer to handle this kind of file. It is not a surprise because PDF has a lot to offer compared to other file formats. As a student, do you see converting your Word and Excel documents into PDF as necessary? Or do you convert it to just satisfy your professors’ requirements without understanding its purpose? Maybe you relate more to the latter, don’t worry. As you continue reading, you would know the significance of PDF.

Converting file formats, such as Word and Excel, into PDF is essential when sharing the file with other people online. It is one of the few file formats that can maintain the layout you originally made when viewed by other people. It means that the receiver can see the text, photos, graphs, and other data in the document where you positioned them. For Word and Excel documents, there are instances that its content seems to be all over the place. It is the reason why the receiver can’t understand anything at all.

If you want to prohibit the receiver from editing your document, you have to make it in PDF. This way, the receiver can only view the content but not make any changes.

When you use PDF documents for presentation and reporting purposes, the content will appear neat and organized. A good visual for your report can entice your professors and classmates to listen intently. It also makes your flow of delivery smooth and uninterrupted.

The following are the steps to convert your documents into PDF successfully using PDFBear.

  1. Upload the file to the PDF converter. You can get the document from your device’s local storage or you may also drag and drop the file into the box.
  2. The tool will scan the file and convert it to PDF.
  3. Get a copy of the new file format by downloading it from the website.
  4. If you still have to make changes, such as editing and compressing the file, you can freely do so.

Convert from PDF

Although PDF offers a lot of advantages in handling your files, there are also some limitations. These limitations would make you decide to convert your PDF into other file formats. For instance, your professor would like you to revise some portions of the file’s content. You can’t perform the revision if the document is in PDF. The only solution to the problem is to convert it into editable file formats, such as Word.

Don’t worry, the process is not as tedious as you may think. You can have your converted file in just a few minutes. The steps involved in converting documents to PDF and from PDF are pretty the same.

PDFBear is a silver bullet to all the issues you face when handling your PDF files. It is one of the best online tools there is on the web. The simple steps involving the conversion process allow you to become even more efficient compared to when you use other applications. It is a must-have tool since it is doing a great job in meeting all its users’ needs.

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