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Take a Look at How to Optimize Web pages for SEO And Conversions?

If you want to have a successful website, you must learn how to optimize SEO. After all, there can be no success without conversion. It is an indication that the website is working exactly as it should be. In case there is good SEO, it is possible to have more traffic and avail more opportunities for converting potential prospects.

A website optimized for conversion always has better metrics like bounce rate and time on page. It means that it might be ranked high by a search engine. You can also contact Brainvire as Brainvire Company offers eCommerce SEO services that can help to increase your revenue and improve your position in the market. For optimizing a website for SEO as well as conversion, the following can be taken into consideration:

Make the Web Page Useful For Selected Audience


At times, marketers feel that they are at odds with search engines. The search engine is ineffective in ranking the best content. The other way round, there can also be a huge drop in the traffic post an update of the algorithm.

However, the goal of a marketer and a search engine happens to be the same. The objective of both is to serve the best possible content for the target prospect. The next objective is to come up with a positive web site user experience. The third objective is to prioritize the content having considerable value.

It’s just that people go about it differently. A search engine analyzes millions of web pages while a business analyzes particular target prospects’ particular preferences and behaviour. A search engine uses numerous ranking signs for deciding which particular content will appear in the top results. The program or the algorithm considers the signs given off by a particular web site that provides information related to a search.

In SEO, searchers choose primary and latent keywords (semantic) related to a search. Content is developed in such a way that searchers love to read. Meta information is provided so that the search engine algorithm so that a search can understand better. In optimizing a web page for conversions, the focus is on guiding searchers to a specific goal. The goal might be to join an email list or buy a product or service. Similar to a search engine, a business also wants to provide its audience with what they want. Having the required knowledge to optimize a web page and conversion together leads to a better relationship between the website and the search engine.

Focus On Organic Traffic

organic trafficOn average, a business spends nearly 1 per cent of its total revenue on ads. Though it might appear as a small percentage, it considerably adds up. Some industries like retail spend a lot on ads. Attracting traffic through SEO organically is free of cost. Only the content needs to be developed, and the cost is quite affordable. The close rates of searches that come through organic and those that come through paid campaigns are quite illustrative. The close rate of organic search is almost 15 per cent compared to paid search, which is not even 2 per cent. Therefore, the best bet is to grow traffic organically. It might be time-consuming, but the results are far longer lasting and lead to more conversions.

Leveraging Existing Traffic

trafficWhenever someone visits a site, nobody wants them to poke around and leave simply. Rather, you would want to leave a lasting impression so that they are encouraged to come back again. To adequately optimize a website, it is necessary to understand the user experience to the maximum extent possible. It is crucial to understand how visitors navigate through the site. How many of them scroll down till the end and how frequently do they click on the CTA (Call To Action). Therefore, capitalizing on the existing traffic helps to improve the conversion rate. The chances are high that the organic traffic will convert. It further helps to know what kind of offer visitors might respond to and how to place offers attractively.

Assign More Work To The Website

organic trafficComing up with a site can be done by anyone. However, coming up with a site that sustainably produces conversion is an art and cannot be handled by anybody. It is necessary for a high conversion rate to monitor the audience at every step and accordingly give them what they expect or need. The more you research and apply the information, the higher the chance for an increase in the conversion. So, SEO is at the top. Without adequate traffic, it is not possible to have conversions. Hence, it is necessary to have a website that is valuable enough to have sticky content with lots of opportunities for visitors to convert.

Keep in mind that sustained results are never obtained immediately. It takes time to build a rank. It is because a plethora of information is available online. Consequently, it takes time to create the necessary backlinks, develop quality content and establish the required credibility with search engines. However, it is better not to delay the process and start as soon as possible.

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