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How to Find Best Equation Solver for Mac

Learning can be a difficult task, there is no doubt in that, but it can be one of the most rewarding activities humans can set out to do. Sitting down and grinding through math equations after math equations can open many career doors. In the past, the brain grinding would be done on pen and paper, or stone and parchment if we look even further back. This old school approach is fundamental to learning the skills necessary to master the many facets of math. However, thanks to technology for those who have mastered the basics equation solving apps can save time and sanity. There are several great options available to Mac users.

Not Just Apps

This paragraph could be dedicated to why math is important or how math continues to change business but if you are reading this the likelihood of the subject’s importance has already dawned on you. Rather, before diving into which apps we recommend, there are other options other than native apps each with its pros and cons.

There are currently several websites that are equation solvers, some free while others have a hefty subscription fee. The paid-for services may be easier to use but the budget of students might take the option off the table. The free sites, while free may come with security concerns inherent with any website not properly secured. Secondly, Excel can be used for equations, however, when it comes to pure math Excel falls short, and exporting equations to research papers are a problem. Lastly, the option remains to get a good calculator that suits your needs and might require a little research to see what type of calculator you need.


While not a native app, Mac does come with an impressive feature for those who still prefer the pen and paper method. MathKey is a LaTeX conversion that allows users to freehand equations via an iOS or iPad device that syncs with your Mac. Further, you can use your finger or an Apple pencil to write out your equation that needs a solution. Another handy feature is that MathKey can make sense of your terrible handwriting. LaTeX is an open-source software package, for those who want to code their own equation solver if so inclined. 

Native Apps


When looking for the best math equation solver app, like with a calculator you need to have the right tool for the job. Luckily, there are great choices no matter what you need a math equation solver for. PocketCAS may be the best all-rounder out of the three apps we believe are the best. Marketed as “a TI-89 calculator built into your macOS,”, it is exactly as described on the tin. PocketCAS can plot 2D and 3D graphs that have built-in constants and their relevant symbols to help speed up the equation solving process and can also be used to solve difficult trigonometry questions. Further, a nice quality-of-life improvement is the use of color to denote variables making looking for errors an easier task.


The second app that makes our list is Euclid. This is an incredibly powerful tool for Mac users looking to get more out of a math equation solver. In terms of the user interface, those used to advanced calculators will have no problem navigating the app and it is easily the most calculator-like of what is covered in this article. Also based on LaTeX it can solve even the most difficult equations with ease. This certainly adds to the app’s power but can also integrate with Excel equations and has a powerful built-in converter.


Lastly, for those who like to not only get the answer but understand the exact process of how the app got the answer there is Numi. Numi not only shows the answer but the steps taken to get to the final answer. What’s more, Numi is free for Mac and iOS users that make use of natural language algorithms to better understand how the equation was inputted which makes for better answers. Practical use of Numi is when you need to calculate discounts for items on your eCommerce platform, and can be done easily by changing a few variables.

For many, using a good old pen and paper is not an option time-wise. The use of math equation solvers can drastically improve workflow while saving trees from all that scrunched up paper piling around the waste paper basket.

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