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Defining Average Cost per Impression Rates in a Simple Way

Cost per Impression or CPI is the capacity an ad holds to create viewership and raise awareness. Every time an ad displays, one has to pay the advertisers. This is called ad cost per impression. Furthermore, brands usually use this marketing technique for bulk marketing. This advertising strategy is offered in media like radio or television. Furthermore, it is a strategy for advertising online. Also, this strategy is similar to traditional media advertising mediums such as television, print media, or radio, which generally sells advertising based on probable viewership or readership.

cost per impression

Purpose of Cost Impression Rates

Cost per Impression, Pay per Click, and Cost per order combined together form the profitability of advertising. Hence, it provides a strategy to differentiate advertising from other media.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cost per Impression

It works best with campaigns with a high click rate. Also, it serves as a great marketing strategy to spread knowledge of the brand. Hence, advertisers should definitely approach the average cost per impression method in boosting their brand.

For the method to work effectively, the traffic on a website should always be balanced. Additionally, determining the effectiveness of branding campaigns become very difficult.

Building a business through online advertising is a tedious task. Hence, it becomes easier to calculate brand recognition through the cost per impression rates. Moreover, effective marketing and promotion strategies can really help to grow your business.

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