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Mobile Phone Matchup: Samsung vs. Google Pixel

Choosing a new phone nowadays can be a difficult process. With so many mobile phones on offer with a range of different features and functions, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Two of the most popular phone manufacturers that are going head-to-head are Samsung and Google. With some great offerings from both companies, their 2020 flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Google Pixel 5 are in close competition. 

These cutting edge state of the art phones are consistently included in lists of best Android phone roundups and it’s no wonder why. With their sleek looks, high-performance spec, and user-friendly designs, both of these phones are a great choice. While they have a lot in common, however, there are some distinct differences that separate these two devices. 

Let’s take a look at what separates these two phones so that you can choose the right phone for your needs. 

Determining Design and Display

best android phoneStarting with the Samsung S20, the overall design is plain but highly functional. It features a central punch-hole in the very slightly curved display and there is a rectangular bump on the back where the camera is housed. There are different color schemes available with the look and feel of the phone generally being reported as unfussy and straightforward. The screen size is 6.2 inches on this model.

The Google Pixel 5, on the other hand, features a display, which takes up virtually the entire front face of the phone. The front camera resides in the top left-hand corner in a cut-out area which some users might find a little strange. The back is constructed of aluminum, offering a superior feel to the finish and it comes in a choice of two colors. When it comes to screen size the Pixel 5 is .2 inches smaller than the S20 coming in at 6 inches. 

Camera Comparison

On the Galaxy S20, there are three rear cameras consisting of a 12MP main camera, 64MP 3x optical telephoto camera, and 12MP ultra-wide camera. For the front camera, Samsung has added a 12MP camera which delivers excellent results. 

perfect phoneThe Pixel is a little less complicated. Offering just two rear lenses, made up of a 16MP ultra-wide lens along with the primary 12.2 MP camera. While the Pixel doesn’t match the camera hardware of Samsung, Google’s post-processing technology does an excellent job of bringing the pictures up to standard. 

Charging and Battery Life

Both of these phones contain a 4,000 mAh battery. However, just because they have the same battery does not mean that they will necessarily deliver the best battery performance. 

The Samsung battery, when tested, has typically lasted between nine and ten hours. However, with increased usage, the battery only lasts about eight hours which is not ideal. The Pixel, on the other hand, features an Extreme Battery Saver feature which allows the device to prioritize which apps to power based on your settings. Google claims that this feature allows the device to last a staggering forty-eight hours without needing to be charged. 

Both phones can be charged wirelessly. When plugged in, however, Samsung’s 25W charging power will likely charge the phone a little faster than Google’s 18W alternative. 

Choose the Right Phone for Your Needs

Both of these phones offer excellent performance and usability. When making your decision, it’s important to try out each of the phones at your local phone store to get a feel for each device. 

best battery performanceAlthough the Google Pixel 5 offers a slightly smaller screen, its battery life is far superior to the S20. On the other hand, the Samsung camera hardware is impressive but is it enough to match the Pixel 5’s post-processing power? You will also need to factor in the $300 price difference between the two devices, with the Google Pixel the more costly of the two. With some careful thought and deliberation and some hands-on experience, you can be sure that you will make the right choice and choose the perfect phone for your needs. 


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