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DIY Portable Bluetooth Speaker using PAM8403 Class D Amplifier

Today we’ll build an easy and low-cost portable Bluetooth speaker. It will connect to any Bluetooth capable device and you can play high-quality music from it. You’ll get to know how to make a portable speaker using only a few components and some soldering.

So, let’s begin with the design.

If you are less than 16, perform this experiment under adult supervision!

Components Required:

  1. PAM8403 IC – 1 Piece
  2. 3Watt 4Ohm Speaker – 2 Pieces
  3. 5V Bluetooth Module
  4. TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger
  5. Cardboard Box
  6. Scissors
  7. Switch SPST
  8.  Lithium Battery
  9. Vero Board
  10. Hot-Glue Gun
  11. Double-Sided Tape
  12. 22 or 20 AWG Wires

Watch the Video to Build A DIY Bluetooth Speaker Amplifier

Steps to Follow

  1. Place the module into the Veroboard with hot glue.
  2. Connect Each Wire to the Terminals and keep them loose.
  3. Then, connect the Positive Pins of all the Modules. Connect the Negative Pins of all the Modules.
  4. Connect the Audio Output Pins to the PAM8403 Input Pin.
  5. With a pair of scissors, cut two holes to fit the size of your speakers.
  6. Connect the Positive and Negative points of the battery to the TP4056 Module.
  7. Place the speakers into the enclosure and solder them to the outputs.
  8. Turn on the switch and if the circuit has been wired correctly, you should hear a sound from your speakers and will be ready to pair.
  9. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone and connect to 3.0BT Module. Then play music and enjoy!

You have successfully designed your very own DIY portable Bluetooth speaker. To charge the USB powered amplifier, use the USB Port of the TP4056 Module.

We hope you enjoyed building this portable Bluetooth speaker. 


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