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Average Cost per Impression Rates- A Simple Definition

Cost per Impression rates is a term used in advertising media selection and online marketing. The term is related to web traffic.  It is the act of paying by the advertisers, every time an advertisement is displayed. Cost per Impression rate is the cost of Traditional Advertising, Internet Marketing, or Email Advertising campaigns. Cost per impression is the cost of expense generated for every potential customer who views the advertisement

The formulae to calculate Cost per Impression is

Cost per Impression ($) = Advertising Cost ($)/ Number of Impressions ($)

The Purpose of Cost Impression Rates

Cost per ImpressionCost per Impression, Pay per Click, and Cost per order together combine to assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of advertising. Cost per Impression is an advertising strategy offered in media such as print, radio, or television. It sells the advertisement based on assessed readership, viewership, or listenership. Cost per Impression provides a strategy to differentiate advertising from other media. 

The advantages and disadvantages of Cost per Impression

Cost per Impression is best suited for Campaigns with a high click rate. If one can estimate an accurate projection of clicks it will save you considerably over CPC. Cost per Impression serves as a great medium to raise awareness of the product, service, or brand. It helps in creating brand recognition at a relatively low cost. Thus, Cost per Impression is a good and effective way to increase your product or brand value. Advertisers should definitely approach the Cost per Impression method in uplifting their brand. 

However, if the traffic of a site is low, investing in Cost per Impression will probably not have a very good ROI. On websites with high traffic, the advertisement could easily get lost in the shuffle. This will make it difficult to raise clicks. Gauging the effectiveness of branding campaigns become difficult since it is difficult to track click-through. Thus, the traffic on a site should at all times be balanced for the Cost per Impression method to work effectively. Otherwise, the advertisement gets lost and it gets difficult to retain the value of your brand and product. 

Situations to use Cost per Impression method

Impression rateIf you are expecting a high click-through rate on your advertisement then Cost per Impression is an effective method to use.

While launching a new product; to raise the value of your brand and product; Cost per Impression is an effective method. 

If you are trying to up the brand recognition without exhausting your entire PR budget; Cost per Impression is the suitable method for you. 

Building a business through online advertising can be quite a task, but with methods such as Cost per Impression, it becomes easier to evaluate the recognition of your brands through the Cost per Impression rates. These rates give you an insight into the growth of your brand or product has reached. Every advertising platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, but one has to be intelligent while working on a campaign of their brand or a specific product. The aim should be to get most of the Cost per Impression within the budget. To up the value of your product or brand, the Cost per Impression rate is the best way to go. It is simple, sustainable, and effective. 

Cost per Impression Rate for Twitter

Twitter Ads Campaign is suitable for a brand of any scale. It can customize to suit your budget and brand. In Twitter Ads Campaign, one has full control over how much they want their campaign to spend. 

Planning the budget with the help of

Billable Actions

Your investment in a campaign depends on the objective you choose for the campaign. Each campaign has its own set of Billable actions, and one is charged on the basis of when that action occurs. 


The Cost per impression rate is not fixed. The ads serve on an auction system, where all advertisers bid for the audience they want to reach, in the available advertising space.

The factors that determine your Cost per Impression are:

  • How engaging your advertisement can be.Auctions
  • The number of people you target as an audience. 
  • The number of advertisers with the same target audience. 
  • The investment you make for the advertising space. 


A Bid refers to the amount an advertiser is willing to pay for billable actions which will determine their Cost per Impression rate

In Twitter, when your campaign starts, it enters an advertising auction. It competes with the advertisers with the same target audience. This competition will in turn decide the Cost per Impression Rate for your product or brand. The product or brand with the highest Click-Through earns the best rate for Cost per Impression Rate

The cost of Twitter advertisements

The investment for your Twitter Advertisement depends on the advertisers. Deciding your target for Cost per Impression Rate will determine your value of investing in that advertisement. This decision has to be made on your budget for the brand campaign as well. The recommendation is to first set a goal for Cost per Impression Rate and then decide on the investment budget. 

Billable Actions of Campaigns

Every campaign has a specific goal. Your decision of investment depends on your target for Cost per Impression Rate. On the basis of that one has to decide which campaign aligns with their goals. Each campaign has different Billable Action and the user is only charged based on the action. 

Reasons to Use Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is one of the most effective places for your product or brand promotion. Here are five reasons that make Twitter Ads your one-stop solution.

Pay for Performance 

Twitter Ads

When using Twitter Ads, one only pays for their targeted marketing objective. This means that you only invest in your targeted Cost per Impression. This prevents you from exhausting your entire campaign budget. Twitter’s agenda is to deliver what you have exactly asked for as compared to other platforms like LinkedIn.


Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting is an effective way to determine your audience pool. This also in turn increases your Cost per Impression Rates.

Tweet Engager Targeting

Tweet Engager Targeting is another way to build your audience pool. With the help of this tool, you remarket to the audience who already saw your post.

Tailored Audiences

Twitter has the ability to target specific profiles with your advertisement. It is based on twitter’s internal study of which product is suitable for which profile. This helps increase your Cost per Impression Rates.

Low Cost per click

The price of one click is determined by an auction. It depends on how much a bidder is willing to pay.

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