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DIY Project using Arduino to Build A Realtime Digital Clock

In this interesting video, you get to learn, how to build your own digital clock using Arduino and a DS1307 Module.

So, let’s get started quickly.

If you are less than 16, do it under adult supervision!

Components Required

1) Arduino UNO
2) 16×2 LCD Display
3) DS1307 RTC Module
4) Bread Board
5) 10K Variable Resistor
6) Jumper Wires
7) 9V Battery and Connector

Watch the Video to Design An Arduino Based Realtime Digital Clock

Steps to Follow

  1. Connect the breadboard to the 5V Pin and Ground of Arduino with jumper wires.
  2. Connect SDA of Module to Pin A4 and SCL of Module to Pin A5. Connect VCC to 5V Supply and Ground Pin to Negative Terminal.
  3. For LCD CONNECTIONS: PIN1 to Ground, PIN2 to Positive Supply, PIN3 to Middle Pin of Variable Resistor. Connect Pin1 of VR to Positive and Pin3 of VR to Ground, RS Pin to PIN12, E Pinto PIN11, D4 to PIN5, D5 to PIN4, D6 to PIN3, D7 to PIN2, PIN 16 to a 1K Resistor Connected to Ground.
  4. Check the connections carefully and upload the code to the Arduino. Please note that you need to upload this code two times for successful operation. The first time, upload the entire code.In the next run, comment on the line in the code and re-upload: rtc.adjust(DateTime(F(__DATE__),F(__TIME__)));

5. Power The Arduino With a 9V Battery and Let’s get started.

We are sure that you enjoyed building your digital clock. Its power consumption is very low and the battery of the module will keep the clock running correctly for at least a year.

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