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YouTube Launches Audio Ads to Reach Music & Podcast Listeners

The new talk of the e-town is that our beloved entertainment supplier, YouTube now has audio ads. YouTube, without a doubt, has been a big part of our lives throughout the last decade. And YouTube music ads, even after being kind of a bummer at times, have become an important slice of the whole YouTube experience. With the emergence of YouTube Music and its unforeseen success, it was only a matter of time before there were music ads on YouTube.

YouTube music adsThe pandemic has molded our habits in a way that we can’t function without a form of entertainment at every step. While making a hearty dinner or baking a Christmas cake, doing the dishes, or mopping the floor, the YouTube audio music, videos, or podcast music YouTube provided us with have been by our sides in all these activities. If one has to point out, the occasional ads in these sessions have all been video-led ads. This has turned out to be a futile effort since the videos are hardly being watched.

This has led to the brand new avatar of YouTube ads that are YouTube music ads or audio ads as one would say. This is surely a new venture for YouTube, a platform that has mastered the art of video-based storytelling in the last decade. YouTube Music ads, however, seem like a great idea and an investment opportunity. As more and more people are tuning in to YouTube (and YouTube music) every day, these ads will supposedly catch millions of ears and make for a great advertising opportunity.

Reach-In For Listeners

Music and Podcasts are two of the most-watched (read heard) segments of YouTube. These new audio ads or YouTube music ads are designed to cater specifically to those channels. Wondering how they will look? Let us give you an example-

YouTube advertisement musicAs YouTube suggests, there will be a voiceover running behind a still image of a basic animation on the screen.

Assuming these visuals are most likely to be missed, the voiceovers of the YouTube advertisement music will have to carry double the load. But let me tell you, these ads were not an overnight epiphany for YouTube. Much research and testing have gone down for months before the actual launch of the music ads on YouTube. YouTube has discovered an eye-opening (or ear-opening, whatever floats your boat) data that audio ad-driven campaigns have generated a 75% more success rate in favor of the advertising brand.

But these YouTube music ads are not free to roam the market yet. They are in a beta testing stage. However, if someone is very keen, they are available in the auction on Google Ads and Display & Video.

We wonder if anyone shares our feelings but this takes us back to the good old days of radio ads. You would be driving your car, listening to Billy Joel and suddenly you’re hit by a detergent commercial campaign that became such an earworm, you can’t stop humming it all day.

Well, most of us now like to hear people talk about things we already know, for example, podcasts (I’m kidding, of course). But who are we kidding, you have to be living under a rock to not notice Elon Musk and Joe Rogan doing what they did on that infamous podcast. Anyway, since the podcasts have taken over the YouTube audio scene, these ads are specifically crafted to fit into the podcast music YouTube offers.

podcast music YouTubeThen there are YouTube audio music aficionados. People who ditch apple music, disregard Spotify, and fulfill all their audio needs on YouTube. These people are also one of the prime targets of these audio ads.

One needs to understand that audio ads aren’t a new thing at all. This is considered the first type of advertising there ever was. And to put that into context, advertising is the second oldest trade of them all. YouTube music ads are just carrying forward the torch of audio ads into the lives of Gen Z.

Let’s talk about what’s there for advertisers in the YouTube advertisement music. Well, if you are an advertiser, you need not worry, nothing changes in the process when it comes to audio ads. The audience targeting options remain the same, the brand lift measurement capabilities are identical, and bidding strategies haven’t changed as well. But not to advertise, but these music ads on YouTube will be a game-changer for your brand.

What Is The Importance Of Audio Ads?

audio ad-drivenWe also need to put things into perspective. Why are audio ads important? Why is YouTube, a premier video platform looking into YouTube advertisement music? Well, the answer is simple. According to YouTube’s data research, music video streams are always booming. More than half of YouTube’s viewership spends at least 10 minutes every day on YouTube audio music content. Just this year, 57 out of the top 100 YouTube searches have been music-related.

The story doesn’t end here, YouTube has also started booming as a live platform. Just in the lockdown, many major YouTube creators have shifted to live performances of their content. Podcasts have gone live, music performances have gone live. And in this, YouTube music ads are ready to take a slice of the pie.

2020 may be over but as long as there are no in-person interactions, we think YouTube’s live business will not cease to grow. And it’s also very convenient. Most people would leave these on while the music system plays them out loud in the house and do their chores. Certainly, audio ads won’t feel out of place here.

But wait, this is not over yet. As the piece de resistance, we saved this info for you. YouTube audio music and Podcast music YouTube isn’t the only resort for advertisers. Much to our surprise, as we would suppose yours as well, alongside music and podcast, the music ads on YouTubeBTS and Joe Rogans of the world, people are keen on exploring ASMR. You heard us, ASMR is trending alongside BTS. One might wonder how it would fit the bill as ASMR is supposed to provide a specific sensory through hearing to the brain. But turns out, if music ads on YouTube are designed specifically for ASMR, narrated in a low volume, said in a soft voice, they can more often than not, WORK! ASMR is mostly used by people to relax or fall asleep, ads must not bother that. Some studies even say, if you feed a quiet brain your information, that information stays with the person for longer. This is a don’t-miss opportunity for marketers.

This YouTube advertisement music opens up a whole new avenue for marketers and advertisers. The more people listen to podcast music, YouTube music ads will grow.

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