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How Can You Boost MacBook’s Performance?

MacBook is quite reliable, and those who have purchased the computer should not encounter performance issues. However, Macs are no different from other computers. After a while, you will notice that the laptop takes longer to load or that the video game drops frames all of a sudden.

The problem will not solve itself. You should take some action before it becomes too much of a nuisance. The suggestions in this article should give you plenty of ideas. And the more of these you implement in your MacBook maintenance strategy, the better it should perform.

Suggestion #1 – Have Enough Drive Space Free

There is a link between only a few gigabytes of free space on the drive and poor computer performance. MacBook has multiple advantages, but the available storage total is not one of them. The issue becomes even more apparent for those who like to hoard files on the computer.

Instead of keeping data on the MacBook, look for ways to remove it or find an alternative storage means. For example, you could delete old apps and downloads. Media files like movies and music are available on streaming sites. Finally, you can use external hard drives, memory sticks, and cloud services and store your data there.

Suggestion #2 – Get Rid of Visual Gimmicks

improve performance macbook

The MacBook has a finite amount of resources. You do not want to dedicate these resources to useless gimmicks like visual effects. A backlit keyboard or animated openings for apps serve no real purpose. If anything, these gimmicks are a hindrance to the computer, and you would be better off disabling them.

In addition to improving the MacBook’s performance, you should also notice improvements in the battery’s lifespan. 

Suggestion #3 – Quit Redundant Background Apps

Similar to visual effects, some applications are taking more resources than they should. Quitting them should bring noticeable improvements.

If you are not certain about apps that are causing the most problems, check the Activity Monitor. The list of active processes will be in front of you. Moreover, you can sort applications by memory, CPU, and energy usage. It provides a clearer picture and indicates which of the applications you may want to consider removing from the computer for good.

Suggestion #4 – Scan for Potential Computer Viruses

improve macbook performance

It should not be surprising that malware or viruses could be one of the main reasons why your MacBook has been struggling so much lately. Given the variety of cybersecurity threats, do not underestimate minor threats because those can also cause significant problems.

Scan the system using reliable antivirus software. If the scan locates potentially corrupted files, do not hesitate and get rid of them. For the future, make sure that the antivirus software is running in the background all the time. Otherwise, your computer will continue to be prone to malware and viruses.

Suggestion #5 – Declutter the Desktop

Each desktop icon is a problem. You may find it more convenient to keep app shortcuts and important documents on the MacBook’s desktop for quicker access, but this convenience sacrifices the overall performance.

Aim to have a clutter-free desktop. Even if it is difficult at first, it should not take too long before you are used to the changes. And if you are having issues finding a file, use the search feature. 

Suggestion #6 – Prevent Memory Leaks

how to improve macbook performance

Memory leaks are a phenomenon when MacBook applications have been active for too long, and they start to misplace the computer’s memory. The issue may seem major at first glance, but it is quite simple to deal with.

Restarting the MacBook is enough. If you restart your computer regularly, you should be familiar with how much better it runs after the restart. As a rule of thumb, you should try to restart the computer every few hours. 

Suggestion #7 – Clean the Dust inside Your Mac

The filth that accumulates inside the MacBook is a problem. Cleaning it yourself is not that simple because MacBook s are different from personal computers. You cannot take the hardware apart that simply. 

If you have no experience with the ins and outs of the MacBook hardware but still want to clean the dust inside, take the laptop to a local computer service store and pay its workers to do the job for you.

Keeping the MacBook clean of dust will boost the performance and prevent overheating as well as loud internal fan noises. You can manage the problem even more efficiently by purchasing a cooling pad. This great accessory will give you an additional source of cool air that comes in handy when you have to use the computer in a poorly ventilated room.


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