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DIY Arduino-Based Walking Stick with Smart Digital Assistance

Do you want to help a disabled person walk safely on the road? It will be a big help for those with impaired vision, blindness, or physical disabilities as they can use this Distance Measurer to walk safely without colliding with objects in front.

Let’s start building this device right now!

If you are less than 16, do it under adult supervision!

Components Required

1) Arduino Uno
2) 1K OHM Resistor
3) Buzzer
4) Ultrasonic Sensor HC SR-04
5) Breadboard
6) Jumper Wires
7) LED – 1 Piece
8) Double Sided Tape
9) A Stick – You can use a PVC Panel
10) BO Motor Wheel x1
11) 9V Battery with Connector

Watch the Video to Build An Arduino-Based Distance Measurer for Walking

Steps to Follow

  1. Connect the VCC of the Sensor to the 5V pin of Arduino, the GND of Sensor to Ground of Arduino, the Trigger to Pin9 of Arduino, and the Echo to Pin10 of Arduino.
  2. Connect the Positive to LED to Pin13 of Arduino, the negative of the LED to the Negative through a 1K Ohm resistor.
  3. Connect the Pin11 of Arduino to the positive point of the Buzzer, the negative of the buzzer to the ground.
  4. Connect the 9V Battery to the Power Socket of the Arduino.
  5. Place the components on the stick as shown in the video.

If your device is wired up correctly, the buzzer should ring when the stick is near an obstacle. You can gift this distance measurer to your loved ones who need a hand when walking to keep them safe!

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