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Best Examples of Kinetic Energy: Everyday Part of Human’s Life

To recognize examples of kinetic energy in your daily life you have to first understand the definition of kinetic energy. You will find that any object that is moving in front of your eyes will possess kinetic energy. As it is basically the energy that anything has when it is in motion. From the smallest flying butterfly to the ginormous blue whale swimming in the ocean, all are examples of kinetic energy. 

It does not matter whether the object is moving forward, backward, spinning, or even vibrating. As long as it keeps moving it has kinetic energy. The simple definition of kinetic energy will make it easy for you to spot the examples in the very space you are in. Just look and see the various objects around you that are examples of kinetic energy. These objects which you would never consider to be anything special will now look much more interesting. You can even further classify the kinetic energy contained within the objects into any one form of kinetic energy, which you will learn about later in this article.  

Some important things to remember about Kinetic energy

kinetic energyThere are some things about kinetic energy you should know about. These facts will make your activity to locate all the things possessing kinetic energy more fun. First and foremost, you should know how does kinetic energy works? Every object in a resting state contains potential energy which gets converted into kinetic energy when it is in motion

This kinetic energy can also be passed from one moving object to another stationary object when it touches it; which in turn starts to move. Just imagine you are in the bowling alley, and the ball hits the pins and they fall. The moving ball containing kinetic energy hits the pins which get in motion as the kinetic energy gets passed on to it making it fall. 

You need to also learn about the units of kinetic energy. Once you have grasped the concept of how does kinetic energy works, it will be much better for you to use it to calculate the kinetic energy possessed by any object. To calculate the kinetic energy you need to remember one of the easiest formulas in all of your science lessons. As kinetic energy equals = ½ × m × v2, where m is the mass of the object and v is the speed at which it is moving; both of which are directly proportional to KE. The kinetic energy generally measured in joules is the SI unit. You can also use erg (CGS unit) or N/m (MKS unit). 

Top Examples of Kinetic Energy You Can Witness In Your Day To Day Life

Now that you have gained so much theoretical understanding about kinetic energy, you now get to see some of the most common examples of kinetic energy. The examples of kinetic energy given below are not only simple but also can be witnessed in front of eyes without much effort. These examples will make lessons about kinetic energy more fun and you will never have any confusion regarding it. After all, having hands-on experience or visual examples makes any lesson easier to recall.

Example #1

When you are running, dancing, biking, or just walking in a straight line then you can say that your body is processing kinetic energy

Example #2

examples of kinetic energy

The production of electricity in a hydropower plant is one of the best examples of kinetic energy. This is because electricity is produced with the help of moving water which possesses some amount of kinetic energy. The water in turn hits the turbine that is when the kinetic energy gets converted into mechanical energy which itself gets converted into electrical energy that we receive in our homes

Example #3

The airplane that is flying in the sky is also possessing kinetic energy. The plane will have a huge amount of kinetic energy and you can easily understand as you now know how to calculate it. The huge mass of the plane along with its tremendous speed is the reason behind it. 

Example #4

We have seen scene pictures of huge blades of windmills. The gigantic blades which are moving due to wind also possess kinetic energy. Similarly, the fan in your bedroom or inside your computer will also have kinetic energy

kinetic energy equals

Example #5

If you have ever gone for a roller coaster ride then you must have experienced kinetic energy. When the right starts there is zero kinetic energy and as the speed of the roller coaster increases there is an increase in the kinetic energy as the velocity increases. 

Example #6

The next time you play baseball and you are pitching then soon as the ball is in your hand towards the batter, the ball has kinetic energy. The ball in its resting position in the hands of the picture has potential energy which gets converted into kinetic energy when the ball is thrown. 

Different types of Kinetic energy

You must have noticed that these examples of kinetic energy are extremely varied. This is because there are many different kinds of kinetic energy. You must have heard about the term mechanical energy which is the most common form of kinetic energy. The other kinds of kinetic energy are as follows: 

  • Electrical energy

It is a very common type of kinetic energy that we witness in our everyday lives. Electrical energy is supplied to your house with the help of wires. This form of kinetic energy, electrical energy that you are receiving comes from either hydropower, thermal power, or even nuclear power depending upon where you stay. 

  • Heat/thermal energy

The kinetic energy which is given out by hot bodies is known as heat energy. Just think about the campfire burning and heat which is obtained from it; this is an example of thermal energy. Whenever any object is in motion and it is opposed by friction then too heat is produced and you get to witness this form of kinetic energy.

  • Sound energy

Any sound that you get to hear is a form of kinetic energy. Sound energy is produced whenever a body vibrates. By the definition of kinetic energy, whenever any object has vibrational motion it has kinetic energy. Just pluck the string of a ukulele and witness this for yourself. 

  • Light energy

    form of kinetic energy

We have all learned from our childhood that the main source of natural light is the sun. This light that we are receiving from the sun is in the form of kinetic energy known as light energy. Even the light bulb in your room emits kinetic energy or rather light energy. 

With so many examples of kinetic energy learning about the definition of kinetic energy, its different forms, and understanding how does kinetic energy work becomes fun? We can apply our theoretical knowledge to look at real-world examples of kinetic energy. With the help of this knowledge, we will be able to easily calculate and use the proper units of kinetic energy without even breaking a sweat!

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