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DIY Project using Arduino to Build A Wireless Notice Board

Ever wondered if you could send messages to a Wireless Notice Board for everyone to follow from your mobile phone using Bluetooth? Today let’s learn how to build such a device.
It will be a portable system. So feel free to improvise how you would like to mount it somewhere for everyone to view.

Let’s get started with the design.

If you are less than 16, do it under adult supervision!

Components Required:

1) Arduino UNO
2) 16×2 LCD Display
3) HC-05 Bluetooth Module
4) Bread Board
5) 10K Variable Resistor
6) Jumper Wires
7) 1K Ohm Resistance
8) 9V Battery
9) Arduino Blue Control App

Watch the Video to Build A Wireless Notice Board using Arduino

Steps to Follow

  1. Power Supply Wiring – Connect the breadboard to the 5V Pin and Ground of Arduino with jumper wires.
  2. Connecting the Bluetooth Module – Connect the Bluetooth Module to the Breadboard VCC and Ground. Wire the RX and TX of Bluetooth Module to TX and RX of Arduino.
  3. Connecting the LCD Module   
  • PIN1 to Ground
  • PIN2 to Positive Supply
  • PIN3 to Middle Pin of Variable Resistor
  • Pin1 of VR to Positive and Pin3 of VR to Ground
  • PIN4 to PIN5 of Arduino
  • PIN5 to PIN4 of Arduino
  • PIN6 to PIN3 of Arduino
  • PIN11 to A5 of Arduino
  • PIN12 to A4 of Arduino
  • PIN13 to A3 of Arduino
  • PIN14 to A2 of Arduino
  • PIN15 to A1 of Arduino
  • PIN 16 to a 1K Resistor Connected to Ground.

4. Interfacing – Check the connections carefully and upload the code to the Arduino.

5. Powering Up The System – Power the Arduino With a 9V Battery and Let’s get started.
6. Connecting to the Application – Follow the steps to successfully pair the System:

1) Turn on Bluetooth and Pair with HC-05. If a password is needed, use 1234.
2) Turn on the Application
3) Click the Refresh Button. Select HC-05 to connect.
4) Select Terminal.
5) Write a Message and Send it to Receive it in the display.
6) Type 1 to Reset the Screen & Turn on Backlight.
7) Type 2 to Reset The Screen and Turn off the system.
8) We recommend this flow :
Send 1, Then Type Messages. If you have completed, Send 2 to Terminate the System.

Hopefully, you enjoyed building your very own wireless notice board. You can put it in an enclosure and wall-mount it. The battery will ensure that you don’t need a USB cable to power up your system.

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