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DIY Project To Build A Smart Lock Using One Transistor

Today we will show you the process of the DIY smart lock with a 4-digit PIN Combination. You need a few components and follow our circuit to get started.

We will show you the magic of Analog Electronics circuits in this series of videos. You will learn how to use transistor logic to design interesting circuits.

Let’s start.

Do it under adult supervision, if you are less than 16!

Components Required:

1) PCR406 Thyristor
2) BC547 Transistor
3) 1000uF Capacitor [x1]
4) 10uF Capacitor [x3]
5) Tactile DIP Switches [x5]
6) Buzzer
7) LED
8) Jumper Wires

Watch the Video to Build A Smart Lock Using One Transistor

Steps to Follow

  1. Place the switches on the breadboard.
  2. Place the transistor and thyristor on the breadboard.
  3. Connect 180K Resistance to the 4th Switch, 220 Ohm Resistance to the other side of the switch, 5.1K Ohm Resistance to the Gate of the Thyristor, a 220 Ohm Resistance from Positive Rail to Anode of Thyristor, a jumper from Cathode to Base of BC547, Emitter of BC547 to Ground, a 1k Resistance from Positive Supply to the anode (+) of Led and Cathode of LED (-) to Collector of BC547, a 220Ohm Resistance from Positive Supply to the positive pin of buzzer and negative of the buzzer to the collector of BC547, a wire from the negative supply to the switch and another side of the switch to the Gate of Thyristor and the wiring amongst the switches.
  4. Place the capacitors necessary to build the circuit on the board.
  5. Check if you have connected all the wires carefully in the system. You can rewind the video or you can refer to the circuit diagram also.
  6. Connect a 9V battery or a 12V Adapter to the circuit.

This is an interesting project that you can design to secure your system. You can use these DIY smart locks for many other purposes. You could also play with your friends.


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