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Develop a Marketing Strategy like Coca-Cola

With an established market in 200 nations, Coca-cola is the largest beverage company on the planet. The usage of certain strategies by Coca-cola made them a leader in the soft drinks industry. American Businessman Asa Griggs Candler played the main role to develop a marketing strategy and advertise Coca-cola.

Coca-Cola has an aggressive business plan marketing strategy. It campaigns using TV, advertisements, print media, sponsorships, and many more. They also promote their brand by giving hoarding and customized refrigerators. The firm is also involved in many CSR activities.

A businessman can learn marketing strategies for small business from Coca-cola. A small business requires you to develop a marketing strategy for its success.

business plan marketing strategy

How to Create a Marketing Strategy like Coca-cola

Let us see the answer to how to create a marketing strategy. A business like Coca-cola has many competitors. But it is the quality of the products and services that matter the most. Coca-Cola has a unique taste and its recipe is still locked in a vault in Atlanta.

A business plan marketing strategy includes the 7 Ps of marketing like products, pricing, packaging, etc. A strategy for small business should take these important aspects into consideration.

Marketing Strategies for Small Business

A small business owner carries a lot of responsibilities. Starting from managing the finances to marketing and promotion. One has to do it all. Hence, it is very important to develop a marketing strategy. Once you master the skill of how to create a marketing strategy, success in business is a near sight. Thus, get started as soon as you can.


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