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An Overview Of Cloudways Hosting

Currently, dozens of web hosting companies are operating on the market and Cloudways is one of them. Cloudways Hosting is the managing partner of ElasticHosts.

What is Cloudways?   

A managed cloud hosting platform offers a range of services including Online Ticketing, Improved SLAs (Service Level Agreements), Server Customization and Configuration, Phone accessibility, etc. Cloudways Hosting is a platform that offers a specific console to assist the clients in handling apps hosted on cloud servers.

Cloudways helps business enterprises to concentrate on their day-to-day operations and fend off any web hosting problems. The various products and solutions offered by this hosting include WordPress Hosting, Magento Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Laravel Hosting, Drupal Hosting, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Hosting, etc.


Cloudways Affiliate Program 

The significant features of slab-based affiliate programs are as follows:

  • Instant commissions 
  • Flexible models
  • Performance-oriented slabs
  • Steady income  
  • Most suitable for many entities
  • Up to two-fold earnings

Cloudways Review

Cloudways review has been mostly positive and given below are some of the excerpts to give you a clear idea:

  • For winter 2021, it enjoys the 2nd rank on G2 in the Managed Hosting category. It has achieved the coveted “Users Love Us” award on G2.
  • Besides, it is also a Momentum Leader on G2. HostAdvice, Trustpilot all have rated it positively.

 So, this is the reason why this managed web hosting giant enjoys so much admiration. 

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