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How to Monetize Your Blog? – A Trendy Question

It has become very easy to start and then learn how to monetize your blog. A few years back, monetizing and creating a website / Blog and further maintaining it cost thousands. But, today it is because of PayPal and stripe, that email marketing has become flexible.

Not all bloggers today can make money through blogs. But, most of them with a few 100 dollars can start, monetize, and maintain.

monetizing a blogAccording to the reports of Coventrix state blogging, the pro bloggers made a profit of $138,064 and amateur made an average profit of only $9,497 in 2019.

To become a pro at blogging, one needs to have an efficient marketing plan, a strong monetizing strategy as well as nice content.

But, before getting an idea of how to monetize a blog, one should know what exactly does it mean.

What do Monetizing Blogs Mean?

Every blogger wants their content to be shared and seen. So, monetizing a blog means, turning a non-expensive list of contents into cash,i.e making a profit by different strategies. Generally, bloggers monetize their blogs by giving space to companies for advertising their products or services. It can also be addressed as digital marketing.

Below are a few of the best ways to monetize your blog and learn how to monetize your blog:

  • Blog Affiliate Marketing

Blog affiliate marketing is one of the most used techniques to monetize blogs. This is the best way for amateur bloggers to monetize. People opt for blogging and affiliate marketing when they do not have a service or product to sell. So, they give it to a company/ brand that is related to the type of content the blogger makes.blogging and affiliate marketing

For Example:

A fitness blogger can affiliate with a company or a brand which deals with supplements, weight loss, dietary plans, gymming, or maybe bodybuilding. It becomes a plus point for both the blogger and firm, as the person who is seeing the blog might be interested in buying related services or products.

  • Advertisements

Pay per click ads is beneficial only when your blog has a pooled a lot of traffic. But people tend to ignore and think it is beneficial for the bloggers who are starting as well. It is only after a Hundred thousand visitors, a blogger can be benefited and earn a real income through pay-per-click ads.

  • Email Marketing

This method is one of the most popular and powerful ways to make direct money. A monetize the blogblogger just has to build a list to become successful. Aweber, ConvertKit, and InfusionSoft are some of the best tools that assist in promoting, creating traffic, and as well as help with everything that is needed for email marketing. A blogger can earn $1 per month for every individual subscriber. This method allows the blogger to create a personal and strong relationship with the public as well.

  • Selling e-books to the Audience

This again is a popular method to monetize the blog. It is easy to create and does not cost much, which makes the audience buy it. It is through e-books, a blogger gets to know if the people like what they sell. A blogger just has to develop an electronic book by aligning it to their blog content. These ebooks can be promoted by simply creating attractive content that the audience prefers to read.

  • Creating and Selling Online Courses

blog monetizationSelling e-courses is another method to earn money from your blog. One does not need to be certified to teach how to cook or for web development. The course just needs to be helpful, intuitive, and something that adds value. Bloggers can use a third party for hosting their courses as well.

  • Selling Digital Products

A blogger can make a lot of money by creating digital products. One can sell any kind of product related to digital information till the time it syncs with the content. These digital products can be marketed through webinars or downloadable means. These products can be a combination of downloadable guides, videos, PDF, resources, SaaS, software components, and many other useful materials. Just keep in mind to make something that is needed by the audience or something to fill the void, and a blogger is all set to make profits.

  • Selling Coaching Services

As most people know that selling coaching services infiltrates every market aspect, selling these services through blogs can assist in becoming a profitable prospect. A blogger can earn a decent amount with a small number of clients by setting themselves up as a career coach, life coach, or even a coach of business development.

Make sure to keep the service simple, so that people stick to it throughout.monetization

  • Securing Sponsorships

This is another way to make a profit through blog monetization, but it needs a traffic pool. Labeling the sponsors in the sponsored post can be very beneficial. It is necessary to be transparent when following this method else one can be penalized.

  • Becoming a Free-lancer Blogger on Demand

A blogger can anytime become an in-demand freelance blogger. Every brand these days is looking for freelancer bloggers with the right and relevant skill sets. This type of blogger needs to understand what the audience wants and create content accordingly. At the start, it must be needed to market your content but once creating a traffic pool, the public themselves will demand particular bloggers’ content.

So, there are many ways to know how to monetize your blog and create a profit out of a blog. It depends on blogger to blogger based on traffic and the type of content, that assists in making money.

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