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Coronavirus Relief Check: Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The Internal Revenue Service is extending tax assistance for commercial enterprises, individual taxpayers, tax-free institutions, and others – incorporating health schemes impacted by Coronavirus (Covid_19)

Coronavirus relief check: A form of Economic Impact Payments

The coronavirus relief check is a type of economic impact payment (EIP) that you might be eligible for. In the majority of instances, the individuals who qualify would get an automatic disbursement.

Most recent stimulus package update  

economic stimulus checks second roundThe US Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service have begun transferring economic stimulus checks second round as a segment of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021. As an outcome, millions of US citizens will gain who also got their first round of stimulus payments at the beginning of 2020. 

People who qualify don’t need anything to do for getting this second stimulus payment. The Internal Revenue Service prompts taxpayers that these are automatic disbursals, and there is no necessity to communicate with your financial service providers or the Internal Revenue Service with disbursal scheduling queries.

Always look for the latest notification update

The Internal Revenue Service keeps on facing holdups in posting piled up notifications to the taxpayers. This time lag affects a certain number of, but not every, just the Internal Revenue Service notifications dated from November 9 – November 23rd. You can always check the official website of the IRS to receive further info on the most recent notification time lags.

IRS assignmentVital operations keep going on

The Internal Revenue Service keeps on processing federal income tax returns and sending reimbursements. The IRS is making headways, however, they are still facing certain time lags. You can always keep tabs on the updated second stimulus check status and impacted IRS services and activities.

Employer Tax Credits

A large number of commercial enterprises have been badly hit by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and they will be eligible for fresh employer tax credits. The names of these particular schemes are the Employee Retention Credit and the Credit for Sick and Family Leave. 

Have you missed the cutoff date to sign up online for the EIP (Economic Impact Payment)?

You may still be eligible for getting a coronavirus relief check-in 2021 if you fulfill the following conditions:

  • You didn’t sign up online or via mail and have not received a stimulus payment 2020 or
  • If you got a disbursement but it was not the entire amount of the Economic Impact Payment. The highest cap for a coronavirus relief check is $1,200, or $2,400 if spouses file jointly, plus $500 for every eligible kid.


stimulus payment 2020

While filing a Form 1040 or 1040SR 2020, you might qualify for the Recovery Rebate Credit. Keep your Internal Revenue Service communication – Notification 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment – with your tax documents for 2020. You’ll require the sum of the disbursal in the communication while filing your returns in 2021.

The Internal Revenue Service in the US is dedicated to assisting the American citizens in getting the 1200 stimulus check as soon as they can. 

Some prospective recipients are calling up the Internal Revenue Service regarding the stimulus checks second round disbursal. However, there is little hope that their telephone operators can provide any extra details outside what’s uploaded on the Get My Payment app and IRS.gov website. 

Second Stimulus (Economic Impact) Payment  

You might be qualified for claiming a second stimulus payment. In the majority of instances, the IRS will automatically transfer you the amount.

Check Status of Stimulus Check 2020

You can utilize the Get My Payment app to:

  • Substantiate that you received your second stimulus payment.
  • Verify your payment category: mail or direct deposit.

Information is modified up-to-date once every day overnight. Therefore, there’s no necessity to verify more than once every day.

Claim for a Recovery Rebate Credit

If you have not received the whole amount of the Economic Impact Payment from the IRS, you might qualify for a Recovery Rebate tax credit. 

Frequently asked questions related to coronavirus relief check

Listed below are some FAQs along with their answers that are primarily relevant in the present scenario of the second stimulus package 2020.

1) When will I get the status of my stimulus payment?

updates on stimulus checksThe Internal Revenue Service has successfully launched the “Get My Payment” app and this tracking tool is working perfectly for the $600 direct payments. This tool helps you verify the status of your Economic Impact Payment 1 and 2. The status will let you know about the date of disbursal and the mode of disbursal (mail disbursal or direct deposit). Mailed disbursal will ask for additional processing and time. Constant updates on stimulus checks are available as and when further details are there.

A certain number of individuals got their 1st Economic Impact Payment in installments. If you got over one installment for Economic Impact Payment, the Get My Payment app of the IRS will demonstrate to you just the latest installment details.

2) It is not mandatory for me to file a tax return. Can I still utilize the Get My Payment app for verifying my stimulus payment status?

Contingent on your particular scenario, you may not be allowed to access the Get My Payment app. Instances include but are not limited to the following:

  • A federal tax return has not been filed by you  
  • You have not utilized the non-filers tool by November 21, 2020
  • You are a recipient of federal aid and the IRS doesn’t have sufficient details for you to access the app 

In other respects, you can access the Get My Payment app after authenticating your identity.

3) I have an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). Can I access the Get My Payment app?

With the presence of an ITIN, you can use the Get My Payment app. However, in the majority of instances, the convention does not permit an EIP (Economic Impact Payment) for people who file a federal tax return with the help of an ITIN. However, there is an exemption. If two spouses file a tax return jointly and both of them are members of the US Military at any point in the year subject to taxation, they may be entitled to the Economic Impact Payment. Here one spouse having an authentic ITIN is enough.

4) My disbursement was mailed weeks back but the Post Office could not distribute it. What should be my course of action? 

stimulus payment 2020If your IRS disbursement has not reached your mailing address within 14 days (or two weeks) from the date of issue, you should start surfing the Get My Payment app regularly, at least once a day. In case the Internal Revenue Service has got your disbursement back since the post office could not deliver it, your disbursement status with the IRS will be altered to “Need More Information”.

The Internal Revenue Service will keep your stimulus payment 2020 till your up-to-date address is available to them. There are options to alter your address details with the official website of the IRS as well.   

5) I filed jointly with my spouse. Does it count whose details I utilize for the Get My Payment tool?

Either spouse can utilize the Get My Payment app by furnishing their details for the security questions set for confirming their identity. As soon as it is validated, a similar disbursement status will be on display for either spouse.

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