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Healthy Life & Strong Mind: Time Management Tip

“So many things yet so little time? Create a table out of your mind!”

Well, this is a really good tip for anyone having time management issues. It is quite tedious for us to prioritize our responsibilities as confusion and ‘need-to-do-everything-at-once’ comes in our way. Therefore, a study suggested to create a 3X3 table and label column 1 as ‘most important’; column 2 as ‘least important’ whereas, row 1 as ‘urgent’; row 2 as ‘not urgent’. Then, jot down the tasks accordingly to get a clearer picture.

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Daniyel Carlson
Daniyel Carlson is a Young Researcher in the field of Data Science & Analytics having research experience of more than 8 years. He has a Masters in Computer Engineering and currently serves as an Editorial Assistant in IGI Global, United States of America. Daniyel also holds honorary positions in the Associate Member of Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, International Association of Engineers, Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications.

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