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Best Books on AI That You Cannot Miss!

There is just one thing to describe Artificial Intelligence, the technology of the future. Artificially creating intelligence has been the biggest fascination of humans as mimicking a human mind is yet not possible to this date. Programing an advanced computer to perform a specific set of tasks is possible with semi-learning capabilities able to do tasks like a human mind to a certain extent with a specific set of data.best books

Prototype robots can perform tasks enlisted to them but cannot provide the human touch like human emotions, quick judgment, or sudden change considering human adaptability. To join the fascination of AI, we need to start by learning what the Best books on AI, are and what the steps to follow learning about AI are. Artificial intelligence is a vast topic to go by and learning having multiple aspects and algorithms to follow for a variety of applications and use cases. Some basic paces where AI is implemented of AI application is predictive analysis, fraud detection.

Best Artificial Intelligence Books

AI being a vast field having a firm grasp on what to start with is necessary for AI is necessary it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the vast knowledge it has to offer is easy for starters to get the basics ready.

1. Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach (the 3rd Edition)

By Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig

best books on artificial intelligenceThis book was released in the year 2003, this book has been labeled as one of the best books on artificial intelligence and covers the latest developments that have been done in the field of AI. This book gives a basic overview of artificial intelligence and clear concepts on the topic and removes misconceptions. The book covers various topics under the jurisdiction of AI.

This book’s writing has been done very simply and all explanation and concepts are very easy and can understand it. This book approaches various topics like search algorithms, multi-agent systems, game theory, statistical natural language processing, local search planning methods, and much more. An aspect of the advanced parts of AI without going much in-depth. This is one best AI books for a learner.

2. Artificial Intelligence for Humans

By Jeff Heaton

This book gives an overview of the learners about the different AI algorithms and approaches applied in AI. The learners need to have a prerequisite basic knowledge of computer programming and some basic algebra without having an intensive knowledge or having a mathematical background. The topics covered under this book are fundamental AI algorithms clustering, regression, dimensionality, and distance metrics are the topics that are covered in-depth in this book. These algorithms are explained using numeric calculations. The learners can apply this knowledge following the examples provided in the book. Many learners say it is one of the best books to understand AI neural engines.

3. Artificial Intelligence: The Basics

 By Kevin Warwick

This is a book about artificial intelligence and concepts and basics. In this book, you get to learn what the history of AI is and explores what its past was and how its future will be in the field of AI this book provides a bridge of knowledge from the past to the book about artificial intelligenceadvancement of modern AI technologies and robotics. This book shows the present limitations present in the field of AI as under current circumstances what happens in the human mind related to heart, fear, love, pain and many other factors do not come under the consideration of computer while performing a task as the present-day AI bots only take the data under the factor while doing its task. Along with AI if you study some books about robotics it will help implement them in the real world.

4. Human Compatible – Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control

By Stuart Russell

In this book, the author has depicted what can be the dark sides of artificial intelligence how it can be misused he also how these benefits could end early without many firm bases or the ethics that AI is based upon. The author talks about starting AI from ground zero with a new approach that should be the betterment of humankind and how AI can benefit humanity and our objectives.

5. Artificial Intelligence Engines: A Tutorial Introduction to the Mathematics of Deep Learning

By James V Stone

neural enginesHere the readers learn from the author about how neural networks of an AI system work and what algorithms to follow and to follow for modern-day neural engines require to perform a task and how the resources and data repositories should be managed for best performance. The author also talks about how research is conducted and how the data sets are collected from the general public.

6. Artificial Intelligence by Example

By Denis Rothman

This book can be used as an alternative starting point for new AI learning enthusiasts. This book is written for beginners to get the basic ideas with proper real life-example about AI. Here you will get the knowledge about the most advanced machine learning models and which to apply where and what approaches to follow. In this book, you will learn where modern AI technologies can be used and how to apply them in the blockchain and IoT much other AI-related software. As you complete the books you come to an understanding of AI and as you have gone by numerous examples and you shall be able to use this knowledge for developing business. This book will give you new approaches and adaptive thinking to solve problems that will appear in your program (code) if you know about python you can use these approaches in ml that will help you optimize the code very much.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

By Chandra S.S.V

Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningThis book requires you to have some prior knowledge of computer science and engineering. The author gives you a brief explanation of how machine learning and artificial intelligence are intertwined and it covers the bridge between the textbook knowledge and real-world uses of Artificial Intelligence this book also gives you the concept of various types of learnings like unsupervised, reinforced, supervised, and statistical learning. This book also gives you an idea of how to construct pseudo-codes, algorithms that appear in this book’s topics.

8. Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction

This book is for readers who have no requisite knowledge of artificial intelligence, but have a fascination with it and want to learn about it. This book will guide you thought out the process of what to do to follow the correct path to learn artificial intelligence. This book gives the readers concepts on what is AI what Machine learning is, how it works along with basics of machine learning, deep learning, neural language processing, robotics, and more this book gives you a general idea that what impact AI has on the future.

9. Artificial Intelligence: An Essential Beginner’s Guide to AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, The Internet of Things, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Our Future

By Neil Wilkins

This book is like a beginner’s guide for all the readers and which part of AI they want to study and choose their future in.

10. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

By Neil Wilkins

In this book, the author talks about the role of Artificial intelligence in the sector of healthcare and projects that are already under development.


By Isaac Asimov

It is one of the best books under artificial intelligence books fiction. now you might be thinking why a book is there not related to studying or development in this list as artificial intelligence student everyone needs inspiration a vision of what things can be what we can achieve in future frictional books gives us a lot of imagination and ideas to follow.

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