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US Congress Decides To Sanction $900 Billion New Stimulus Package

On Monday, December 22, 2020, US Congressmen collectively decided to vote on a relief package of $900 billion. The objective is to aid millions of small business enterprises and households battling the Covid_19 pandemic scenario.

As the death toll from the global pandemic is escalating in the middle of a huge re-stimulus packageemergence of the virus that once more endangers the economy of the country, both the Democratic and Republican lawmakers ultimately reached a solution following a vehement discussion Sunday evening. This ensued following months of intense argument and hostile deliberation on what to incorporate in the new stimulus package

This 2nd stimulus package will relieve millions of unemployed people who have reached the verge of their unemployment benefits and offer a fresh series of cash disbursements.

Small business owners will gain from additional federal subsidies. At the same time, the latest stimulus package incorporates rental aids and support for households confronting displacement. 

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the Democratic House on Monday stated that it was a benevolent two-party agreement. She added that this bill will certainly bear positive outcomes.

However, Pelosi further stated on the floor of the House that Joe Biden, the President-elect, has specifically held that it is just an initial measure and they will have to do further. More funds are required for buying vaccines and more aid is necessary to decimate the virus.

The Senate and House needed to vote on the stimulus bill but the discussion went on till late night. All the Congressmen made a vow not to depart from Washington till the bill is okayed.

The most impregnable economy in the world is experiencing the most potent occurrence of coronavirus in the world.  Besides, there has been a resurgence of the virus with a reprisal over the last few months, endangering an uncertain economic revival. The fatalities have crossed 318,000. 

The latest data demonstrates that retail sales have slumped moving into the typically-potent holiday shopping time of the year albeit fresh solicitations for unemployment benefits have gone up for four of the last five weeks following months of waning.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader for the Democrats, stated that the relief package is not sufficient to tackle the disaster.

On his Twitter Handle, Schumer asserted that this legislation is only the beginning but it’s not the conclusion of the narrative. Anybody assuming this relief package is adequate has not picked up the despair articulated by the US citizens.

This enormous stimulus package 2 is just a portion of a $2.3 trillion “coronabus” bill which incorporates the omnibus bill for sponsoring the federal government for the next year.

The initiative will comprise a fresh sequence of pandemic rehabilitation disbursals. Steven Mnuchin, the Secretary of US Treasury stated that the $600 stimulus checks 2020 will start moving as soon as the coming week.

This is equivalent to $2,400 for a family consisting of four members and is a much-required aid at the right time during the festive season, as stated by Mnuchin during an interview with CNBC on Monday.

relief package

Though the unmediated disbursements constitute only 50% of the amount offered by the $2.2 trillion CARES Act sanctioned by the Congress in March, it is a quite prompt means of pumping funds into the economic system, as opined by Mnuchin.

The $600 stimulus checks round 2 disbursements will be forwarded to the US citizens who don’t even make $75,000 annually. The amount will step down further for people in high-income brackets. At the same time, people who earn $99,000 or more per annum will not be eligible for this disbursal.

The biggest endowment is the $275 billion in PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) assistance for commercial enterprises that are essentially federal loans that switch to subsidies when expended on rental payments and salaries. 

The stimulus deal also features a rental aid of $25 billion and hands out a one-month displacement moratorium. 

The swearing-in of the President-elect Joe Biden will take place on January 20. Biden has accepted the stimulus deal quite gladly. However, he stated in a report on Monday that many other things need to be done to offer aid to the distressed households and outlay in economic revival. 

On Monday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the spokesperson of Progressive New York criticized that Congressmen still did not receive copies of the over 5,550-page legislation.

stimulus checks round 2

Through her tweet, Ocasio-Cortez endorsed that it’s not worthy to find out regarding what’s in the legislation. All the Congressmen have to view and understand the law they are required to vote on.

Congress spokespersons informed the correspondents that the time lag in publishing the monumental document took place as a result of software bugs.

Following months of discussion, the agreement appeared threatened in the closing days over a disagreement related to a Republican-supported condition to restrict the capacity of the American Federal Reserve to offer additional contingency lending.

However, Democrats could halt that motion raised by Patrick Toomey, the Republican Senator. However, they could not pump in billions of dollars in the form of relief to federal and state governments on the battlefront of reacting to the devastating strike of the virus. 

The breakup of this colossal year-end settlement is given below:

$166 billion through direct checks

People earning up to $75,000 annually will be entitled to get a disbursal of $600. At the same time, couples taking home an annual income of up to $150,000 will obtain $1,200, as well as $600 per kid. The pact also ensures that the stimulus checks 2020 are more approachable for migrant households. Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, stated on Monday that there is a high possibility of the checks being sent out as early as next week. 

$120 billion as additional unemployment aid

Unemployed personnel will receive a surplus of $300 weekly as federal assistance by March 14. The bill also offers unemployment benefits to performers, self-employed people, and those who have run out of their state benefits.

For small business support – $325 billion 

business supportPandemic-struck small business enterprise owners would get a sum of $325 billion. This second stimulus package 2020 comprises loans of $284 billion via the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program), $20 billion for commercial enterprises in low-income residential areas, and $15 billion for cash-strapped movie theaters, concert halls, and museums. This is an important preference according to Chuck Schumer, the Minority Leader. Nonetheless, the small business relief package is just projected to underwrite lower than three months of wage expenses. At the same time, a significant number of companies don’t presume that usual activities will begin six months from now.

Transportation assistance: $45 billion 

This incorporates $15 billion to aid airlines to sustain their wage disbursements, $10 billion for state highways, $14 billion for public transportation, $1 billion for Amtrak, and $2 billion for airports.

Aggregating tax breaks

The bill enables business enterprises to withhold costs related to their pardoned Paycheck Protection Program loans, besides increasing the employee retention credit meant to check downsizings. This incorporates a two-year tax break for commercial repasts which was precedence for President Donald Trump. It refinances a range of short-term tax breaks termed as “extenders,” specific ones for many years. Besides, the second stimulus package 2020 offers a salary tax grant for companies extending paid sick leave to workforces and enhances the Earned Income Tax Credit.

A postponement for state outlays 

Local and state governments currently have Dec 31, 2021, as the deadline to use assistance given by the CARES Act.

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