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Tried and Tested: Apps for Business Growth

If you are a small business owner, you must be knowing that you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulder. You often run into problems from one or more of various sects on an average office day.  To solve them, you need to know about the best apps for business growth. Ensure your business’s growth with these amazing apps. They not only lessen your work, but you can access them from any place you want.

best apps for small businesses


1. Freshbooks App

If you do not run a particularly big-budget business, Freshbooks App is truly one of the best apps for small businesses. Before you consider getting it for your business, you can go for the one-month worth of free trial. You will surely love its performance!

2. SmartLine App

Choose SmartLine App to ensure the extraordinary growth of your business. This app makes setting specific business hours. This app also comes with a one-month free trial option, and then decide whether it suits you best. 

3. Skype

As you must be aware, Skype is a consistent favourite of many people and for different purposes. While talking about the best apps for small businesses, you must remember that you can make the best use of Skype for your small business too.  Since Skype is best for video-calling, you can conduct all your video conferences using it. It has a free version, but you can go for the monthly scheme involving a basic fee for broader business purposes. 

4. Gusto

In this post-pandemic, ravaged world, Gusto is a rescuer for Small business owners struggling to make it mega. Its best feature is that it smoothly takes care of the different aspects of taxes and is adept in the automatic deduction. Remember, this app is free for the first month, which means you can take the time to make up your mind.

5. Scanner App

The next best mobile app for small businesses in the queue is Scanner. The best part is that it is free of cost. It stands out when it comes to photographing forms and converting them into PDF or JPEG. In case your businesses require you to take a lot of photos and bring them all under a single document, do not wait anymore and download Scanner.

6. LinkedIn

Last but for sure not least is LinkedIn. It is exceptionally adept in marketing tools and is arguably one of the best apps for small business management. It also brings in regular updates regarding the go, add more connections, and find the right choices for you to recruit, and so on.

In your otherwise busy business life, you do deserve some respite from the ever-increasing workload. Mobile apps for small businesses can make your job a tad more comfortable and provide you with a pause or two while ensuring your business’s prosperity. Good luck!

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