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IoT technology Solutions – What is it?

Before knowing about IoT technology solutions, let us know what exactly it means- In simple words, we can say, IOT (Internet of things) is nothing but multiple devices that are connected to the internet and working itself, which means than we can program them according to our requirements. IoT refers to those devices which automatically perform services related to the physical world data and maybe using various protocols related to IoT connect.

A Brief Overview of IoT systems

We all know that machines are faster than humans, and the world is becoming faster and faster every day. So, it’s difficult for us to remember and finish our work on time then the internet of things comes into life. It makes our life much easier. Also, many startup companies related to the field of developing tech IoT products have emerged into extremely profitable businesses.

IoT technologyIoT features:

There are many features of the internet of things that are amazing in our life. Like- artificial intelligence, Sensing environment, connectivity between multiple devices, analyzing weather data, etc.


IoT Development in the field of AI : 

You must have heard about artificial intelligence, right? With the help of the internet of things, we can add intelligence to our devices to enable them to perform operations that would otherwise require our constant focus. There has been significant IoT Development that has led to technologies like Smart Cars, Automated Robots, Voice-Assistant, etc.

Sensing: Sensing is one of the most important features that the internet of things have. With the sensing feature, an IoT device can detect abnormalities in the surrounding environment and check if there are any sudden changes, and even notify users that they need to know about it.

IoT techConnectivity: Connectivity is the key component of the internet of things. Here, we can use two things one is the server, and another in the cloud. It helps to connect one device to another over the internet.

Analyzing: So, we learn about connectivity and the next thing it does is analyzing data. With analyzing real-life data, it cannot be helpful for us. After analyzing the real data our system will become an intelligence system.

IoT systems:

Internet of things consists of gadgets, actuators, sensors, etc. internet of things provides a platform where all devices are connected virtually and the IoT platform collects all the data to analyze them and extract valuable information. It shares the data with other devices in a network consisting of automated devices. This is the concept of the IoT connect technique working across IoT systems. IoT growth has brought a huge difference in real-world solutions. Using microcontrollers such as Arduino IoT devices are easily programmable or you can say changeable at the same time. And all this work is done by IoT engineers using various platforms like Arduino.

IoT future:

The future of the internet of things is unlimited or limitless. As time flows the ability to do things will increase. The capacity of automated things will increase. So we can say that in the future we can do things that are not possible right now.

IoT Technology Solution:

IoT technologyLet’s first imagine our life without the internet of things technology. Say you are going to a new place alone in a self-driving vehicle and you selected your destination? Do you know how the vehicle works? It has a sensor called LiDar with an array of similar IoT camera that is an advanced IoT Device with AI Capabilities. It can judge the road ahead of you and dodge obstacles while getting you to your destination in the fastest route possible.

Don’t worry too much that’s why the internet of things is introduced. So that you can live an untroubled life.

  • IoT in our health

We are generally busy in our daily life with work, so we cannot take care of our health properly, but we know, health is wealth, right? Using this IoT device and a connected IoT App, we can track our health records without any effort in the form of a wearable health-tracking ring or watch.IoT technology health

This ring continuously monitors the heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, and detect the changes and report immediately if needed.

Here, this Bluetooth low-energy wearable ring employs an NRF52832 system on chip (SoC) for the ring’s core microcontroller, which is based on powerful 64-MHz, 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F processor technology.

  • IoT industry

In industry also we need IOT like smart robotics: it can be used in the electrical industry and even in the home it can be used (for example- cleaning robots), automatic driving car, track & trace innovator: in 2015 Bosch launched the device that is used for track and trace purpose and for these, the company added a sensor to its track tools to track them.

  • Self-driving tractors

John Deere developed the self-driving tractor with GPS technology.

  • Various applications

In a software company, IoT is used for security purposes. For example, a commonly used IoT System is the fingerprint scanner for keeping a record of attendance. In advanced industries, sometimes iris scanner is used for the same purpose. These are all IoT Devices, running with data from a common server.

IoT Systems and Technologies

AI-enabled IoT Home Solution is a popular topic these days. When you are not at home, this technology enables you to see who has entered your home and notify you if anything is not normal in your home (for example you forgot to turn off the fans, lights, etc. and you can manage your home electrical systems from anywhere). It can use these IoT connect technologies related to Bluetooth or WiFi Technology.

IoT in Agriculture

When IoT comes to farming, it enables a technologically advanced as well as resource-effective system. Internet of things has brought benefits to optimize the inputs (decreasing the resource input and increasing the growth of plants)that we can avoid the wastage of water etc.

  • Climate condition

weather technologyClimate is an essential situation for farming. Various IoT Development has been carried out in this domain. So internet of things enables you to know the exact weather report with the help of a sensor that is placed inside or outside the fields. It collects data and analyzes it to generate the report that we need for choosing the correct crops to grow and maintaining water level across the field.

  • Greenhouse

You must have seen a Greenhouse in your local nursery, right? So let’s learn how we make this greenhouse smarter. Using the Internet of things, we can automatically adjust the climate condition. We can use a solar-powered IoT sensor that can make an inexpensive greenhouse. And it is more accurate and low cost. It can be motor using your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth technology.

  • Agricultural dronesAgricultural drones

Nowadays agricultural drones are very trending. Aerial drones with connected IoT camera modules are used for monitoring the crop & also monitoring the health of the crop so that we can analyze the fields without going outside.

  • Data analytics

IoT enables data analytics thing easier. It collects data and detects problems and report us If needed. Without any effort, it will generate the exact report at the desired time.

In conclusion, we can say that the Internet of things is a system where a set of code perform in a platform called Arduino, gathering information from various devices and collecting important information and analyze them. It has no limits.

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