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Build Your Dream Home with the Best Interior Design App

Home is where you’re going to find harmony. You can enjoy staying in the most luxurious resorts and 5-star hotels, but your house or manufactured home is the most comfortable location on earth. Everyone has a picture of their dream home in their mind, but the real beauty of a house comes from the way we choose to decorate it. Normally, we go on a Google quest and look for thoughts that are close to ours to get a different insight. Typically planning the interior of your home can be a little tiring and hiring an interior designer can be expensive for some people. Our rescue comes with an interior design app list that provides brilliant ideas to customize our homes. Let’s know more about this!

What is Interior Designing?

home decor ideasInterior Design is the concept of designing a home, an office, or a structure that looks perfect in terms of appearance. It is also a concept of making smart furniture and making more space available for use. A great example of interior design would be modular kitchens, which not only look good but also strive to make more room accessible to consumers in confined spaces with modern features and gadgets.

The utility of an Interior Design App

Interior design apps are also known as room decorating app are software that provides the user with brilliant home decor style ideas & templates. Typically, the application scans a specific area of the house that the user wants to decorate using a mobile camera and, after scanning the room, the application offers a range of ideas. Many of these applications also have purchasing opportunities. You can purchase items that have been used when making a prototype of concepts.

modern home decorSome apps have a design feature of your own, i.e. you can design a certain area of your home based on your preference. Additionally, you can use the list of items available in the application. Also, you can order those products accordingly.

Best Interior Design Applications

There are hundreds of interior design app or room decoration app available in the market. Some of these applications concentrate on consumers who are looking for similar interior designers according to their desires, while others focus exclusively on independent users who choose to design their home on their own, or I’d suggest they’re more interested in DIY home decor.

Let us know about some of the best interior design applications available in the market.

  •   IKEA Place

IKEA is a very well-known brand for home decor. Starting with kitchenware, ready-to-assemble furniture, and home decoration accessories, IKEA has it all.

Now, IKEA has come up with an application named IKEA Place. Here you can virtually design any space of your house using their products. Also, they directly provide a buying option for the selected products to the user. Another feature of IKEA Place is, it provides three-dimensional and accurate versions of every product like coffee tables, lamp stands, beds, etc in the application.

It is the future of modern home decor and design from a mobile device.

Available for both Android and iOS users.

  •   H&M Home Stylist

Most of us already know about H&M as a clothing brand. It happens to be that they also have an H&M Home which focuses on the interior design and decorations of a house.

In the year 2018, H&M Home teamed up with Google Assistant and launched an application with a human-like voice stylist that offers personal styling suggestions for every space of a house.

This home decor app enables users to connect their credit/debit cards to their Google Account to purchase H&M Home products via voice command.

A demerit of this application is, users can only use it when they are nearby an H&M Home Store.

Available only for Android users.

  •   Homestyler

diy home decorOf the many best interior design applications available in the market, Homestyler provides the ability not only to customize a room with furniture and home decor accessories but also to choose wall colors so that you can dress your house as a whole with all the specifics in mind. The application usually takes a snapshot of the room and turns it into a 3D view on your smartphone. Hence, you can try positioning various items listed by different brands. It also provides styling tips for the customer. It is available for Android and iOS platforms.

  •   Dulux Visualizer

We all know about the famous company Dulux, which supplies paint for walls. They home decor appreleased an application called Dulux Visualizer. It focuses exclusively on the visual wall painting by using a smartphone or a tablet. The app uses virtual reality technologies to imagine walls, and users can try coloring from a wide variety of colors that Dulux offers. It offers a technology where you can choose colors that match the furniture in that room. The demerit is, not all devices can support this application as the system should have the right movement sensing technologies. It also helps us to purchase paint testers right from this interior design app. Dulux sends them directly to our doorstep.

Available for both Android and iOS users.

  •   Carpetright Visualizer

The application focuses on the flooring of a house or an office. It helps to imagine how the floor will look with a carpet or what kind of flooring will be the best fit. It also offers to adjust the flooring according to the color of the wall. When saved, you can even order the chosen design palette or brochure to get a better view before you finalize.

  •   Houzz

Houzz comes on two platforms, one of which is a smartphone device and the other is a website. The application has a large array of websites, forums, and posts related to interior design. Furthermore, they can help to gather a lot of knowledge and ideas related to interior design.

The home decor app has everything from a variety of decoration items to furniture and wall colors, keeping every detail in mind so that the final product is fine, pleasing, and beautiful.

Available as a website and for both Android and iOS users.

room decoration appIn short, interior design is a way to make the exterior and interior of our house look more attractive. Nowadays, it is possible to design with these interior design applications separately in a much cheaper way to reduce the cost of hiring an interior designer.



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