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Benefits of Activated Charcoal For Skin

The benefits of activated charcoal cannot be undermined. Starting from making your face glow to removing dirt and filth from your skin, the benefits are unparalleled. In fact, these very properties of charcoal have been used in the beauty products that are manufactured by well-known brands across the globe. 


Activated charcoal for skin benefits

  • Activated charcoal is equally good for treating acne problems. Blackheads, whiteheads, and acne result when the pores get blocked and infection occurs in the pores or there are blocked pores that cause breakouts.
  • As far as applying the face mask for acne is concerned, if you do not want to apply it on the entire face, opt for spot treatment. Dab a little on the acne and leave it on for some time.
  • Aside from being used as a facial mask for spotless and flawless skin, it has other benefits too. If you suffer from redness of the skin, get rashes on your skin, do not worry. Take a pinch of the activated charcoal powder and apply it to the area. You will find it heals faster.

As far as safety is concerned, Activated charcoal masks are generally considered safe. However, there are certain things few things you need to keep in mind before applying these products on your skin. You can also talk to a beauty professional that will be able to guide you in this regard.

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