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Why Cyber Security is Important?

Do you think your data or the cellphone you use are safe during this increased rate of cyber-crimes? With the increasing usage of the internet in our daily lives, the attack by intruders on our electronic devices like mobile phones and on our personal data has increased a lot. To protect from these attacks you need to know why cyber security is important to all of us. 

Why do we need cyber security?

why information security is important

The cyber threat is increasing at a rapid pace and the number of data breaches is increasing at an alarming rate every year. Malicious criminals mainly use these techniques against retailers, medical service, and even against the government to gather many sensitive data and financial information which are not to be disclosed. The integrity and confidentiality of these data need to be protected. That is why the importance of cyber security cannot be underestimated. 

Why is data security important now more than ever?

As we live in the present, there is a huge reliance on technology. Businessmen, medical service, and government store huge sets of data on the internet and share them with other sectors whenever needed. A breach of data may have undesired and devastating consequences. This breach can make a company lose several million and thus may eventually lose the cutting edge in the competitive world.  This is a reason why information security is important and thus the companies should adopt a strong data security approach

System based cyber-attacks and the importance of computer security

  • Virus

    It is a malicious software program that can spread throughout the system including the files without the user knowing about it. The virus can reproduce itself and it executes instructions that would harm or damage the computer or system.

  • Wormthe importance of cyber security

    These appear from email links or attachments from trusted individuals. It works just like the virus and can replicate itself. 

  • Trojan horse

    This program can cause unusual activity when the system is not being used and can also change computer settings. It looks like a normal application but when it is used, then some malicious codes start running in the background.

  • Bot

    These run on the network whenever they receive specific input and then they execute specific commands.

Protection against a system based cyber attack

  • Installing antivirus software

    This is to ensure that virus does not get a chance to attacks our system and replicate themselves.

  • Installing anti-spy or anti-malware software

    the need for cyber security

    This system should scan through the entire system and detect any malware. If any malware is detected it must be immediately notified to the user. Hence,
    the need for cyber security is essential.


  • Create a periodic system backup schedule

    Virus, malware can sometimes get inside the system even if security is present. This virus, malware destroyed the data present inside. Hence through a periodic backup will help us to retrieve all lost files and data. Thus cybersecurity importance is increasing daily as the virus and malware are evolving. 

Web-based cyber-attacks and the importance of internet security

  • Cross-site scripting

    This includes a website where a malicious code is being executed by the user which is being uploaded by the attacker. 

  • SQL injection

    A SQL code is entered into the web page by the attacker which if executed can get all data and personal information of the user.

  • Path Traversal

    Here, the attacker tries to access the unauthorized files, through patterns. This process does require other types of attacks to get the desired data or credentials.

Protection from web-based securities

  • Vulnerability scanning and security testing

    Here, the applications, databases will all be tested and scanned throughout their development life cycle. This can prevent us to protect us from flaws and will provide a remedy. 

    importance of information technology security

  • Web application firewalls

    It provides a good defense for all data. They are continuously updated which protects us from the latest trend of attacks. They work on the highest layer of the OSI model which is the application layer.

  • Secure Development training

    The instructions here helps the testers, developers about ways to protect from the latest trend of attacks and how to make the applications more secure and effective.

Importance of information technology security

  1. This reduces the risks of data breaches.
  2. Prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data or information. 
  3. Protects the systems and data from being misused.

Thus the importance of information technology security and the importance of internet security are understood.

Importance of cyber security in business

  • With the turn of every year, another ‘worst year’ for cyber-attacks comes in front of us. All the organizations all around the world in every sphere has been attacked by cybercriminals. The larger companies are undoubtedly more susceptible to cyber-attacks. The cybercriminals target the company’s databases and finances. Thus cyber security importance is sky high. 
  • The employees must be taught about the malware software and websites that may cause harm to a company’s network. The business owner must monitor the network and web activities in case of heavy traffic or to prevent heavy traffic. The company’s system must have the latest version of antivirus or antimalware software because the latest generations of viruses are produced every day.
  • The operating systems are almost regularly updated with improved security patches as the latest malware and vulnerabilities are detected. When a company fails to apply patches regularly it leaves its data and applications at risk of being breached which the hackers will try to exploit. The company must make sure only authorized devices can access the network. Third-party devices should not be allowed to use this network. These are the importance of cyber security in a business.

Influence of Cybersecurity in India

why data security is important now more than everCybersecurity is already having a great influence in the networking world and its importance will increase even more as time progresses. In the 21st century, almost every document is saved as data in the system. Thus the cybercriminals will always try to get these data through system based cyber-attacks or web-based cyber-attacks. Even they will try to get hold of the financial dealings which would result in a huge loss for a company related to business or even maybe for a country related to its government.

We must keep ourselves updated about the latest wave of cyber-attacks and we must always be one step ahead of them. Downloading the latest anti-virus or anti-malware software can benefit greatly. Once you understand why data security is important now more than ever then you would be able to protect your personal or business data from these criminals.

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