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On Page Optimization in SEO- Know What Factors Matter

If you want to succeed in organic search, there are a number of factors that you must take into account during the optimization processWe have seen that off-page factors have received greater attention like link building and elements that require technical expertise. What you need to get started is an SEO Audit Checklist. However, unless you are sound in on-page optimization, you will fail to get the desired results.
So, in this write-up, let us go through the 10 most essential optimizing factors that you must pay heed to for optimum results as far as on page optimization in SEO is concerned. 

On page search engine optimization – Essential factors for consideration

If you are a professional with expertise in SEO, you know well that on-page SEO must receive priority always. Most importantly, we know that SEO aspects constantly evolve and you require to update yourself to cope up with the dynamic environment in the SEO field. 

What is On page optimization?

On page optimization

Prior to getting into the details of these aspects, let us know in brief what on page SEO is all about. 

On page SEO optimization is crucial as it helps the search engines understand what your website is all about. It identifies the relevance of your content and whether or not it meets the search query of visitors with that of your content. 

Search engines emphasize greatly on semantics and relevance when it comes to content and finding a place in the SERPs. 

Google’s algorithm makes it possible to understand what visitors are looking for when they type in a query. Also, it is important that search results obtained must be in tandem with the “user intent” pertaining to navigational, informational, and shopping aspects

Being an SEO professional, you must strike a balance between the requirements of the search engines and that of the visitors. Developing such an environment is crucial to the success of SEO. 

There are several factors rather than areas that fall within the purview of on-page SEO. And these are the areas that you must work upon for getting optimum results. We will highlight these very factors in the paragraphs that follow-

  • Title Tags

On page SEO optimization

This is an HTML tag that you will find in the top-most section of every web page. This provides a clue to the reader about the topic or the subject that the particular web page is all about. It appears as a prominent clickable link that you find on search engine pages or SERPs. You will also find it in the browser window. 

  • Meta Description

We know it well that meta descriptions have always held a vital role in visibility. However, the search engine major maintains that meta descriptions do not influence rankings. But time and again there is evidence that state or imply that meta descriptions facilitate-

  • Header Tags

SEO on page optimizationThese are “HTML elements” that help you in zeroing in on sub-headings and headings that are present within your content. It also helps you to differentiate between these headings from that of the paragraph text. 

The H1 to H6 sub-headings that you write must allow readers to know what to expect in that particular paragraph. In fact, it makes your content much more structured. 

Although, they may not have a direct impact on your search rankings, yet you can expect these tags to influence these aspects-

  • The header tags render the content readable and enticing for readers
  • You will enjoy a keywords-rich content
  • SEO on page optimization- Writing SEO content 

When we talk about SEO writing, it basically means that we are writing by keeping in mind the requirements of not just users but also search engines. Having keyword-rich content is not just enough. 

Your SEO content must be relevant, add value to readers, and informative and updated. 

  • Headlines of your content

If you want that the content of your website should perform well as far as SERP is concerned, the headlines of the content must be enticing and attractive. It should compel the reader to continue reading beyond the first paragraph. 

  • Distribution of keywords

What is On page optimization

There is a common misconception that if you create more pages on a particular keyword, the chances of ranking improve. However, this is not the case. Overstuffing keywords in your content can lead to “keyword cannibalization”. This is not desirable as far as the ranking of your web page is concerned. 

So, avoid stuffing keywords in your content or forceful incorporation of keywords. The keywords you insert in the body of the content must appear natural and in a flow. 

Experts are of the opinion if you develop many pages that target the same keyword, you are in a way “competing with yourself” for the same set of keywords. It is waste of time and effort. So, the optimum distribution of keywords is another aspect of on page optimization in SEO

  • Carry out Content audits from time to time

Content audits help you in realizing whether or not the keywords you research and use in the content are paying-off. In other words, are you getting the optimum ROI that you expected from it? 

Most of the time, website owners forget to carry out content audits and continue to develop newer content without checking on the earlier ones. 

Most importantly, these audits will also allow you to know if the information you had researched upon for creating your content has become stale or the facts still exist. 

With the help of an audit, you will be in a better position to understand which keywords or content is working for your business. In that case, you can emphasize more on similar types of write-ups and dedicate a greater time for those keywords. 

  • Optimizing images 

Another aspect that you must add to your on page optimization checklist is whether or not you have optimized the images. 

on page search engine optimizationIt is said that as compared to textual content, visual content has greater impact on the minds of the readers. By image optimization, we mean that the web pages must be optimized in such a way that the images you use must not slow down the pages. 

How will image optimization help? It will help you in the following ways-

  • You will have a better user experience
  • The web page will load faster
  • Chances of ranking also improve
  • Reducing bounce rates

When you develop a web page, you expect that the visitor will read through the entire page. In the event, the reader does not he is said to bounce out. This is not desirable from the on page optimization in SEO point of view. 

So, you must not keep any stones unturned when it comes to on page search engine optimization so that the bounce rate can be minimized to the maximum extent. 

Why is on-page optimization in SEO important? 

The importance of on page optimization in SEO cannot be undermined. It is not just about ranking but also adding value to the lives of your readers.

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