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Artificial Intelligence Solutions for a Better Future

For designing a system with near-human intelligence that can perform tasks equal to human beings, Artificial Intelligence technology is the way to go. Globally it has created a multitude of solutions that make our daily lives much better. The rise of Artificial Intelligence Solutions is creating opportunities to transform our future in the best way possible. We will discuss today various AI Systems and solutions, with an emphasis on how it is changing our education systems. You will learn about advanced open-source artificial intelligence solutions that you can use right now for your project.

What is Artificial Intelligence? open-source artificial intelligence

It is a specific area of research in computer science systems that deals with developing intelligent machines. The targeted level of intelligence is similar to humans. So you can imagine a system that can perform complex tasks, solve logical problems, and even outperform you sometimes! Concepts like machine learning and deep learning are generally used in the development of Artificial Intelligence Solutions. So, if someone asks you what is artificial intelligence, you can explain easily, or let an AI System do it for you, right?

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

With the development of intelligent systems by various corporations globally as well as open-source artificial intelligence communities, there has been a meteoric rise in innovations related to these systems. You must have used Google Maps or Apple Maps on a smartphone, right? Did you know, when you set a destination from your current location, Artificial Intelligence systems can determine various situations to generate your best route? Again, if you are shopping online, you may have seen that you are getting great recommendations recently – the items which you exactly need at that time.

This was a guess made by advanced AI Systems that predict your next product recommendation. Artificial Intelligence Solutions is around us like never before. Medical Studies, Weather Patterns, Agriculture Research, E-Commerce, Education, etc. it is everywhere. Financial Analysis, Sales Forecasting, Fraud & Risk Detection are some notable applications in the Banking sectors. The systems are improving daily and new possibilities are being created every day.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

what is artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence has been improving the quality of education in our institutions since the last decade. Smart Class Systems with interactive screens, intelligent topic choosers, text summarizers, simulation, and visualization of concepts are helping students globally.

Previously, when topics in a book were vast and challenging to understand, the current implementation of artificial intelligence in education has transformed it completely. Vast topics can be summarized into byte-sized lessons for students to understand clearly. So that they can focus more on learning hands-on than spending the entire day on textbooks.

There are advanced Artificial Intelligence Solutions that can simulate various theoretical topics into real-life examples. For example, concepts of physics that require advanced laboratories to demonstrate may be simulated with real-world data in special AI Systems. Similarly, a study of electronics and circuits may be visualized and simulated using AI Systems running special software. These have been improving the scope of artificial intelligence in education and are continuing. Also, on the institution’s side, artificial intelligence may be used for improving the course curriculum to ensure a good education.

Similarly, automatic grading systems without manual checking, monitoring during online examinations, generating user performance logs, etc are possible implementations of such systems, thus transforming the education system’s future globally. So, the next time you come across a similar functioning system, you now know that it is an example of an advanced Artificial Intelligence system.

Open Source Artificial Intelligence

Important developments in Artificial Intelligence don’t mean they are not available for free, public use right? Today, we show you the most important open-source artificial intelligence software that is available right now.

1) TensorFlow

This is one of the top open-source artificial intelligence software available.near-human intelligence It is a consolidated library that can perform complex mathematical operations utilizing CPU, GPU & TPU ( Tensor Processing Units). It is generally used to design prediction-based models. Generally, this application is widely used in Text/Speech Recognition systems, image recognition, and pattern detection. Applications of this software are across most domains – financial sector, resource and project management, and various enterprises. Google uses this technology as a backend to many of their solutions. It is also compatible across multiple platforms – desktop, mobile, edge & IoT Devices. If you wish to learn AI, check out Artificial Intelligence Training through TensorFlow, taught to you by industry experts from top MNCs.

2) Scikit-Learn

This is a general tool that is popularly known as SKLearn. It consists of a huge library of operations related to learning algorithms. You can perform variously supervised and unsupervised learning through this tool. It is your gold mine if you are a data analyst or a data miner. It is extremely flexible, efficient, and reusable. It is the most important tool that is used both commercially as well as in research organizations across the globe.  Some important features of this library include pre-processing, regression, model selection, process-automation, and clustering.

3) Torch

It is a popular open-source artificial intelligence tool that contains various scientific algorithms. It is a popular application used by corporations like Facebook, Instagram, Intel, Various universities, and research institutes. It is extremely efficient and can process massive datasets. It is generally used in speech recognition, virtual assistant systems, neural networks, predictions, and software configuration & automation systems.

Self Awareness Artificial Intelligence

The world’s self-awareness is directly related to consciousness. You can imagine it like a strategy that is very similar to our brain. Multiple research work has been going on where computer systems are being designed to simulate how our brains work. Designing an AI System in this manner is challenging. Interpreting brain data in humans as well as the field of consciousness isn’t clear for us yet. So systems related to self-awareness artificial intelligence is a challenging task.

In AI systems, there is a concept of Neural Network that are advanced algorithms simulating operations of a human brain. For now, they are processing huge datasets in predictive modelling as well as assessing risks.

self-awareness artificial intelligence

The system makes itself better by learning the multiple numbers of times, and backtracking from its mistakes, so over-time, it becomes the true expert! It is one of the ground-breaking achievements of computer science engineering, and the only limitation is computational power. Yes, neural networks require a lot of resources.

Various systems are being designed for this purpose and will improve the way we see the world ahead of us. Some of the important achievements are self-driving cars, robots with awareness, systems that can interact with you in real-time as well as systems that monitor for geological activities and may predict disasters, so that you may have just enough time.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence solutions are transforming the world. Major global corporations are developing useful solutions in this domain.

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