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Tesla Stocks Paves a New Path with Its S&P Debut

December 21, Palo Alto, California: Capital market investors who have not only been a die-hard Tesla stocks fan, are now feeling vindicated as the stock continues with it relentless run and the organization is all set to join the leading index – S&P 500 – the most widely tracked index benchmark in the world. 

Tesla Capital Market on Surge

This year has been an excellent ride on the capital markets for Tesla given that it surged 731 per cent and reached an all-time high, breaking all past records; which eventually puffed up the investors’ wallet who had poured all their money into the company’s stocks as well as electric cars. The pull-through has accelerated since S&P Dow Jones announced that it would now add Tesla to its benchmark. Share prices of the motocorp are up by 60 per cent now, since November and now are all set for their debut with S&P on Monday, that is today. Of late, Tesla’s run the stocks have been so powerful that several bearish investors have let go of their money-losing bets. 

Tesla Stock Value Skyrocketed – 6th Largest on the S&P 500

Since Tesla launched its initial public offering a decade ago, its market value gradually shot up to $659 billion and propelled Tesla to become the sixth-largest company in the US market. By far, Tesla is the biggest company to have been listed on the S&P 500. Its market value has expanded as much to consider its inclusion within the world’s leading stock exchange index. Spokespersons from the leading motocorp opine that the organization has limitless potential and the fact that more and more investors are buying stocks is a great sign. Market experts say that there’s much more good news to follow as share prices scale new heights. Keeping in mind the current growth trend of the events unfolding, it can be said that investors betting upon Tesla stocks, can look towards a brighter future.

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