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The Best Health Benefits Of Taking Turmeric You Don’t Want To Miss

Turmeric is an all-powerful root that has had numerous uses in ancient medicine like Ayurveda. However, scientists have presently discovered that curcumin present in this yellow spice is the main reason why turmeric is as popular as a home remedy. We have listed here some of the most vital benefits of taking turmeric

  • Say Goodbye to Inflammation:

immune system

While inflammation is vital in fighting antigens that attack our body and speeding up the repair of the body, its effect in the long term isn’t good at all. It can cause lethal diseases like cancer. Here’s where you can reap the benefits of taking turmeric. A compound in turmeric, curcumin can inhibit the chemical processes involving the inflammatory molecules in our body.

According to results published in PubMed, turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory medication but won’t cause any side effects. By consuming turmeric, people have recovered faster from eye inflammations, Crohn’s disease, and associated irregular bowel movements and stomach ache.

  • Strengthen your immunity system with this spice:

Another of turmeric root health benefits is that it helps control the response of the immunity system to various disorders that negatively affect our body. Maintaining an immunity balance is essential so that our body does not become susceptible to chronic diseases. Curcumin in turmeric soothes those cells of the immune system which become hyperactive on coming in contact with pathogens. It also helps maintain gut health by stimulating the healthy bacteria which regulates the functions of the gut. 

  • Turmeric fights the free radicals in your body and is a natural antioxidant:

Curcumin, the miraculous compound in turmeric is known for its ability as an effective antioxidant. The chemical composition of curcumin neutralizes the impact of the free radicals on the cells of the body. Furthermore, it also stimulates the secretion of the antioxidant enzymes in our body. Hence, it is quite useful for treating glaucoma, muscular atrophy, and other diseases caused by free radical damage.

  • Get that glowing skin now with numerous benefits of taking turmeric:

Turmeric nutrition

Turmeric nutrition works wonders for our skin too! Human beings have used it as an age-old cosmetic for improving complexion and getting healthy skin free from blemishes. Curcumin heals wounds and skin injuries quickly, helping our skin to regain its health. 

People often apply turmeric paste or ointments to parts of their bodies affected by ringworms, and scabies. Ayurveda has recommended the use of neem and turmeric as first aid for cuts and swellings caused by sprains. Are you troubled by those stubborn acne scars on the face? Well, fret no more! Make a face mask with turmeric or buy one that has turmeric in it, for the curcumin lightens up the spots caused by scars and prevents further breakouts.


  • Prevent Alzheimer’s by including turmeric in your diet:

Since there is no definitive cure for dementia caused by Alzheimer’s, all we can do is to keep ourselves healthy and prevent its onset. Turns out that is another of the things that turmeric is good for. The antioxidants present in this spice reduce the damage of the brain cells from high oxidation. It also prevents inflammation, which is another cause of Alzheimer’s. 

Studies have found that turmeric has reduced the accumulation of beta-amyloid protein plaques in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Furthermore, it protects those brain cells, the destruction of which can accelerate dementia. Curcumin in turmeric also works as a marvelous anti-depressant, for it stimulates the production of the neurotropic factor chemical. You can get all these benefits by consuming turmeric for health

  • Turmeric might cure your arthritis:

Since the reduction of inflammation is one of the major turmeric root health benefits, doctors and researchers have often used supplements made from this spice to treat patients with arthritis. According to a study by Mayo Clinic, patients with osteoarthritis have shown remarkable improvement in their movements after consuming turmeric

Doctors recommend using turmeric over commercial anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen due to its higher ability to combat pain in rheumatoid arthritis. It works wonders in reducing stiffness and swelling of joints.

  • Keep cancer away with turmeric:turmeric is good for

What is turmeric good for? Many studies have discovered that the curcumin in turmeric also helps to fight the multiplication of cancerous cells in our body. Moreover, they have also suggested that turmeric can make the affected part of the body more receptive to chemotherapy. In another study, the researchers reported having destroyed malignant tumor cells with curcumin. Doctors suggest that the benefits of taking turmeric include the prevention of colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and multiple myeloma. However, before we can use turmeric as a panacea for all types of cancer, we need more research evidence. 

  • You won’t be troubled with digestion problems again:

Turmeric improves liver function and gut permeability. Moreover, it stimulates the secretion of bile from the liver, aiding in digestive function. Hence, turmeric root health benefits include getting rid of the bloated stomach and acidity. 

How can you receive the maximum benefits of taking turmerics? Top tips for consuming this amazing spice:

  • Use it in soups and stews:

Turmeric in its powder form is often used in soups and broths to make the stew taste even more flavourful and to give a rich golden-yellow color to it. It is a natural food color you can use to prepare curries, pies, and lamb chops.

  • Blend the turmeric in your daily glass of smoothie:

There are many fantastic smoothie recipes you can try out with turmeric. Make an all-yellow smoothie with mango, ginger, and coconut milk, and brighten up the hue with a piece of turmeric, or a pinch of the powder. You can also use it in your berry smoothies or banana and peach smoothies. 

  • Turmeric ginger tea is a flavourful concoction!

    turmeric for health

Herbal tea prepared with ginger and turmeric is ideal for those who suffer from nausea and inflammation. You can drink brew tea with honey, ginger, and turmeric for your regular morning sip instead of drinking the high-calorie milk and liquor tea. You will notice an improvement in your health in a few days. 

  • Turmeric powder is the perfect condiment for your dishes:

Turmeric has been a staple of Asian cuisines for years. Nowadays it is being used in Western cooking too. Turmeric latte or milk infused with turmeric powder is now a rage among youngsters. Use it in your salad dressings or spice up your ranch dip with it. Fish and chicken, when marinated with turmeric and oil, become even more delectable.

While the benefits of taking turmeric may be plenty, it can also have some side effects on people, like blood thinning or stomach, upset due to hyper-digestive activity. Hence, use turmeric in moderation, or consult your doctor as soon as you notice some problems. Otherwise, you are all set to reap the benefits of turmeric nutrition.

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