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Can You Get Free Educational Games for Kids?

Your kids are special. As a parent, it is your responsibility to know what’s right and wrong for your kids. It is ideal if you let your kids play in the dust, run and have fun even playing indoor games. But at the same time, if kids while growing up can learn the basics in different subjects according to their age, it is going to be even better. Educational games for kids let you do that in their fun ways

free educational games for kidsDays have changed with several changes in all the major fields. Kids’ games and education is not an exception. With the changing days, developers have been innovative and successfully combined both the segments for providing educational games for kids. The ever-growing online and digital market has opened doors to several new game companies to come with educational games for kids online. Therefore, you have the opportunity of free educational games for your kids. This article will tell you about the best free, educational games that your kids can enjoy. So have a close look at all the games available, as these games will also help your kids enjoy the learning process

Your Free Games’ List 

Both web-based or apps games come with several skills, targeted at different age groups. Your kids can learn from all these games while having a fun time with free educational games for kids. So check out the free kids learning games available on the internet.

1. Sheppard Software

Brad Sheppard developed this game, which now hosts several online best educational games for kids. One of the most useful sides of using Sheppard Software is its categorized content with a massive collection of enlightening games. Kids can select the games based on their curiosity, knowledge, and interest in any particular field.

2. PBS Games for Kids

PBS Games hosts a variety of web-based games that popularly bases on literary franchises,computer games for 5 years old the likes of which include Sesame Street, Curious George, and many more. They organize the games based on their subject types, such as mathematics, healthy habits, history, teamwork, and many such categories. PBS has a reputation of its own, and you can vouch for it. At least try to play one of the free educational games for kids, and you will surely appreciate it.

3. Mr. Nussbaum

This game has the special touch of a school teacher, Greg Nussbaum, who created this wonderful variety of games. Mr. Nussbaum proudly has a whopping number of 3500 contents with a variety of categorized games. Games are divided based on the subjects, area of interest, and grade level. All these factors with the special touch and expertise of a Virginia school teacher make it one of the best educational games for kids.

4. The National Geography Kids

National Geography needs no interaction, and with this particular game, the group has even strengthened their hold on the games arena. It hosts more than 100 fun and action-filled games of adventure, geography, and puzzle games. The game comes free and is among the best educational games for kids. Whether it is the Wildest Weather or the Underground Railroad, kids love all these games.

5. Poptropica

Have you ever thought of a virtual world for kids? Not sure about you, but Jeff Kenny, the creative director and the writer of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, gave a thought and gave birth educational games for kids onlineto Poptropica. Millions of kids have a great time using this platform, playing games and its quests along with learning and having a good time with the stories. So why are you waiting? Let your kid join the virtual world and cherish the fun and skills shared in Poptropica. This virtual gaming experience will also help your kid develop social skills at an early stage.

6. Funbrain

Funbrain offers the best learning games for your kids (preschool), with over 100 games to play. You have the options of different games touching different fields of literature, reading, and mathematics. Kids may even read popular books, thus developing the beautiful habit of reading books, as well as nourishing knowledge. Your kids, therefore, have options like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Brewster Rocket, Amelia Writes Again, and many more.

7. BBC Schools

BBC Schools is more like the British counterpart of the PBS, offering various interactive games, the likes of which include mathematics, arts, music, literature, and many more. BBC Schools offers whole loads of educational games for kids, including kind of guides for the teachers for helping the students learn through the games. Therefore, you can rely on the BBC Schools for your kids’ fun and future, as they offer both the necessities. So let your young ones enjoy the cartoons and the brilliant graphics which will catch your eyeballs in the first place.

8. Primary Games

The Primary Games offer more than 1000 games for the kids. It will be best if you let your kids learning gamesadorable ones try these kids learning games, where even the teachers get proper guidelines. All these make the Primary Games unique in the kids’ gaming industry. It is ideal if you explore the Primary Games once, only to use the platform regularly.

9. Academic Skill Builders

Academic Skill Builders help to provide competitive learning for your kids through repetitive imparting of lessons, yet in a fun way. They focus on a large variety of subjects including, mathematics, science, literature, geography, and many more. So you can be sure of your kids’ knowledge in all the main domains. They even provide immediate feedback, thereby helping the kids to improve the next time they play.

10. ABCYa.com

ABCYa.com provides computer games for 5 years old, helping them to learn mathematics and even language skills. The best part about ABCYa.com is that their games get mostly developed and approved by teachers. So you don’t need to worry about the quality and the lessons imparted through the game. Have a computer and let your kids learn the various skills along with playing with the computer. 

These were the top ten free educational games for kids. All the above-mentioned games, including the Funbrain, BBC Schools, and ABCYa.com, are the other best learning games available. Apart from all these, there are few other games that you may try. 

Kids love to play and have a fun time. Don’t try to over-pressurize them. Let them enjoy their freedom, but at the same time, do ensure that they learn the regular skills. Developing the quest to explore more is the best thing that you can do as a parent, and that’s where the free educational games come to help you. The best part about these games is that they try to let the children and kids have a fun time learning and gathering knowledge. This engagement can help them as they start growing, because they may not get bored by studies. Thus a balance between fun and kids learning games is necessary. 

11. MultiplicationGames.com

This is an educational multiplication website where primary school children can learn any multiplication table using games, completely free and online. In most games, the child can indicate which table they want to practice and then try to break the high score each time, which motivates them to master the tables as quickly as possible.

So let your kids have a decent time playing these interactive and educational games, and try to explore the different provided options so that you can select the best for your kids.

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