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Looking For New York Sales Tax Guide for Businesses? Here’s The One!

If you have no idea about New York City sales tax rate for businesses, you’re in the right place. This guide is your comprehensive guide if you want to set up a business there or be there for a short time. As a business owner, it is extremely important to know if you are liable for businesses’ New York tax rate

New York State income taxThe updated sales tax rate for businesses has been implied by the New York Department of Revenue and has been in effect since 15 January 2019. Apart from the general NY sales tax, local taxes are implied on the products too. The general New York city sales tax rate is 4%. 

Business owners must have a basic idea about the sales tax. This ensures you can run your business smoothly in New York. 

What are the taxable services in New York?

It is necessary to know what New York State income tax imposed on products is. There are certain products in New York that are exempted from tax. While it may appear valid but, not every New York City sales tax runs on the same line. 

Some of the taxable aspects in New York include the following.

  • Services

Not all services in New York are taxable. However, it is necessary to know that professional services like the ones offered by architects, lawyers, and landscapers are taxable. If, as a business owner, you want to know which services are completely taxable, you will need to check the official New York Department of Revenue website

  • Software-as-a-Service products

Also referred to as SaaS, these cloud-based products are extensively used by online NY state tax bracketscustomers. SaaS finds its place in the digital marketing sector. According to the New York tax rate rules, the customers may need to tax on SaaS products, unlike many other places. However, it is better to check the official website to determine if it may apply to your firm or not. 

  • Tangible products

Tangible products are physical items. According to the rules of New York tax rates, almost all physical items are taxed except a few. However, you might want to know which products are taxable and which are tax-exempted. As a result, you should prefer checking up the New York Department of Revenue’s official website. 

Do you have Nexus in New York? 

‘Nexus’ means to have a commercial connection in New York State. Nexus is responsible for setting up certain questions as per the New York State tax agency. 

  • Do you want to start a business here? 
  • What kind of business would you do in New York? 
  • What would the revenue of the business be? 

As per the New York State tax calculation rules, one needs to have a Nexus before starting a business in New York. You have a Nexus only if you meet any of the following conditions. 

  • Have your business’ physical presence in New York, such as an employee, a representative, a warehouse, a storage space (if any), and your physical presence. 
  • Significant sale of your products in New York within the last 12 months. 
  • A New York-based website that can drive potential customers for your business. 
  • Any affiliate business or links in New York that can help to generate sales. 

sales tax nycThese are basically the categories of economic Nexus because they are driving sales. The economic activity is contributing to boost Nexus, which is eventually leading to better sales. You can follow a comprehensive guide to increase your Nexus in New York and eventually save a significant sum of money


How to register for New York sales tax? 

Now that you already have a Nexus or are planning to set one up, it is necessary to register for New York sales tax

According to the New York sales tax rates, you cannot start a business or file for New York sales tax without a permit. It is considered illegal and might land you behind bars. The complete information regarding the registration procedure is given on the Department of Revenue’s official website

When you register for the New York sales tax, you need to provide accurate information. Some of the basic information that you might need to enter the registration process includes the following

  • Personal contact information
  • Business contact information
  • Social security number or employer identification number
  • Bank account info in which you will be depositing collected sales tax
  • Business entity

Sales tax on shipping in New York

New York does not impose sales tax on shipping costs. According to the rules of sales tax NY sales taxin NYC, if the product being shipped is liable for sales tax, then there would be sales tax on shipping charges as well. Similarly, if the item being shipped isn’t liable for sales tax, there would be no sales tax on shipping charges. However, if you are shipping both taxable as well as non-taxable products, then gross shipment will be subjected to tax. 

Can you collect sales tax in NY? 

Yes, you can collect sales tax in NY as a business owner

The tax rates for your business will vary depending on the state. The tax rates would also be influenced by your customer’s location, along with the sales tax of the specific locations. According to the New York Sales Tax, the entire state’s rate is 4%. However, there may be additional charges as per the local jurisdiction. 

Unlike the other places in the US, New York has a unique sales tax system. The tax rate is charged as per your product and buyer’s address. Remote sellers can easily sell their products in New York, but it would be very different from the general notion. It would be best to contact the official Department of Revenue to know the sales tax in NY regulations if you are a remote seller. 

When should you file taxes in New York? 

When filing for sales tax in New York you will be provided a certain filing frequency. Depending on your requirement, you will need to file and pay sales tax monthly, quarterly, and annually. 

The frequency would vary depending on the NY state tax brackets you belong to. Moreover, the amount of sales tax that you are filing will also determine the frequency. The businesses belonging to the higher levels of the NY state tax brackets tend to file more frequently than those belonging to the lower strata. 

New York tax rateAccording to the New York Sales Tax rules, the tax returns are due on every 20th day of the month. If you fail to pay on the due date, your credit score will be negatively impacted. Similarly, if the due date is a holiday or weekend, the sales tax filing is generally shifted to the next business day. 


If you miss paying the sales tax in NY on time, you may be liable for certain penalties. This can be a huge pain, and you surely don’t want to get into it. Therefore, it is better to stay updated with the payments and keep track of penalty fees as well. 

Sales Tax Holidays

New York sales tax is regarded to be the sales tax holidays. On certain days, you shouldn’t be paying the sales tax. The businesses, however, shouldn’t demand these sales tax. It is better to check the official website to know about sales tax holidays.

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