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Are You Curious about Educational Games for Kids? Here’s a List of Top 10

Kids’ age is a very crucial stage, especially in today’s world, when there are so many things that your kid can get exposed to, from the internet. There are several educational games that you can let your kids play to gain some basic knowledge as well as spend time and have fun. Developers all across the world have managed to develop several educational games for all modern kids and modern age parenting. This article will tell you about the top best learning games. So have a read about the kids learning games

Let Us See the List!

The list here tells you about all the games that you can let your kids play for quite some knowledge and fun.

  1. Animal Jam

 Animal jam targets an age group ranging from 6 to 12. The game into existence because of a collaboration with the National Geographic Society. This game is available both onkids learning games android and IOS and teaches the kids about zoology, ecology, and other elements, thus making it one of the most sought after educational games for kids online. The game boasts of around 160 million users, thereby making it one of the largest kids’ online community. 

  1. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

 This particular game challenges a kid’s thinking ability, along with developing his or her puzzle-solving capabilities. Just like the name suggests, kids can hunt down treasures by thinking a bit more closely. You can let your kids play the game to master sharp thinking. 

  1. Prodigy

The game ideally targets an age group of 6 to 12. Kids need to proceed further in this game by answering a few math questions. The level of difficulty increases as the kids make progress in the game. The game also has an interactive touch, as all the kids’ participants can go on some quest. All these make this game one of the best educational games for kids.best educational games for kids

  1. Thinkrolls 

 The game is best suited for an age group of 3 to 8 and is available on both android and IOS platforms. Thinkrolls 2 has a unique concept attached to it as you are dealing with aliens in this game. The aliens are going to teach you about gravity and buoyancy, and many such topics. The game doesn’t need an internet connection, and thus, the app is free of any ads. This enterprise is a hassle-free kids learning games option. 

  1. Tinybop

 Kids can play the game on any platform, does not matter whether it is a computer or any other kind of operating system. The game targets 4 years and above, and thus easily fall in the category of computer games for 5 years old. Several apps aim at this platform aiming at the kids’ learning. You can purchase in lots to use most of their apps. Their apps help the kids learn about science and touches all the other areas more innovatively. 

  1. Homer 

 One of the best learning games, that kids need to put their hands on, is Homer. The progress chart for motivating kids to read is the best for this game. Moreover, this is one of the games that invoke the reading habit amidst a child. This gaming enterprise is more than just a computer game for 5 years old. As this game allows a child to weave their fairy tale, every parent must allow their kids to access this one. Creativity takes the front-seat, and children start developing a thirst for more. 

  1. Wallykazam

 How does this game fare amongst the best educational games for kids? It is because ofcomputer games for 5 year olds the popularity it receives from a similarly named Nickelodeon show. The pre-schoolers, as well as early schoolers, will receive a fair share of interaction with their favorite magical characters. Moreover, the game involves a fun and hilarious ride of learning the recognition of letters, tracing the same, and phonics.

  1. GoNoodle 

 Educational games for kids have a far-sighted approach. The impact you get is, in ways more than one. The interactive content present on the game assists the parents and teachers in helping the child grow holistically. Apart from regular gaming activities, the videos involve meditation, dance, music, exercises, and other fun-filled lessons. If the parents feel like using this game as a medium for engaging their children and their friends, they can do that. Whether it is during an occasion or on weekdays, this game is ideal. 

  1. Eat & Move-O-Matic

 Eat & Move-O-Matic is one of the most successful kids learning games that focus their sole attention on a kid’s healthy well-being. Early to rise and early to bed has been the foundation stone on which the game functions. Apart from sleep function controls, the game informs the kids about healthy food habits. For instance, it issues a warning sign if your food choice consists of more calories than the usual limit. Keeping the children in the cycle of a balanced diet makes this game popular among the guardians. The kids gain a playground to build their favourite food recipes from the healthy options available. Educational games for kids online are evolving every day to make a brighter tomorrow. This game is a positive start. 

  1. One Globe Kids – Friends

 This game is probably one of the finest inventions of the 21st century. When the entire world is delving deep into social media, why should kids learning games be out of the sphere? One Globe Kids – Friends allow kids to interact with other kids around the world,educational games for kids online under their parent’s supervision, while learning lessons of social studies. The kids get to interact through the various photo-based and sound-based stories. The kids from different countries get under one platform and share about their culture, region, language, etc. with their peers. In this game, they are free to do gaming tasks, have conversations while learning at the same time. Such an approach makes this enterprise one of the best learning games.

This classification was the top 10 list of educational games for kids. With the whole world-changing, it is time to help kids gain knowledge in a better fun way. With the advancement of time, there is hope for further development in kids learning games. AI and VR are going to be the most influential factors in this regard.

Such technological advancements would do away with parental supervision during the gameplay. These developers will design future games in such a manner that kids will stay glued to their lessons for hours, even without their realization. Moreover, the games are going to increase their social interaction activities along with harder levels to test the children’s capabilities.

However, the only disadvantage that remains is the lack of physical movement. When the educational games for kids become more advanced, the lesser the opportunity for kids to go outside; It will be wise if parents ensure that their kids strike a harmonious balance between gaming on and off the screen.

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