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Your Guide to Using OneNote in Outlook!

It would be ideal if you keep a daily record of all your work emails and learn to manage them efficiently. You can use Onenote as Outlook Task Manager to do all the vital tasks.

Understand the Deal First: What is OneNote in Outlook?

how to use OneNote in outlookUnderstanding OneNote and Outlook, as well as the OneNote Outlook plugin, properly are quintessential to realize how you can benefit from these excellent applications from Microsoft. OneNote is just like your digital notebook, where you can keep a note of all your tasks and plan your work schedule.

With the help of OneNote: 

  1. You can type any important notes and even record any audio on your laptop.
  2. Go for a sketch and jot down your innovative thoughts on your tablet.
  3. You can even upload or add pictures from your smartphone.
  4. You have the provision of organizing your pages in what is OneNote Outlook different sections accordingly.
  5. There isn’t any problem in finding any notes.
  6. There won’t be any problem if you switch devices later on. You can start from wherever you left. 
  7. You can share your notebook with your friends or colleagues to contribute to a particular project as a group.

So as you have got to know about the various utilities of this beneficial application, know how to connect OneNote to Outlook

OneNote and Outlook Integration!

You must thus know and learn how to integrate OneNote with Outlook so that you can use them together as one integrated process for all your tasks and professional work. Here are the steps to assist you in the process of the OneNote Outlook plugin

  • It would best if you make sure that the OneNote Add-in is enabled. On enabling the same, you will come across the icon on the select Home tab.connect OneNote to outlook
  • You must access the Outlook Options and then click the file tab there. A window appears showing the account information. Click on the options, and the options’ windows appear on the screen.
  • You must then change your OneNote to active status and click on the Add-Ins options on the left. In the View and Manage section, you can see all the active, inactive, and disabled add-ins. 
  • In case your OneNote is inactive, you must select COM Add-ins,  which lies just next to the Manage option at the bottom. Click Go,  and the respective dialogue box appears on the screen. 
  • In the checkbox, there will be ‘OneNote Notes about Outlook Items’. Click on that particular option, and you will come across the OneNote icon. 

Microsoft Outlook OneNote and Excel?

You now have seen how Outlook OneNote integration. Now you will also get a glimpse of how you can integrate outlook and OneNote with Excel.

  • You can insert all the meetings into your Microsoft OneNote Outlook. Also, you have to go to the drop-down of the meeting details. Hovering the button will provide you with the calendar.Microsoft outlook OneNote
  • If you have pulled the respective outlook event into your OneNote, you are also given space for writing any kind of meeting notes. 
  • Things won’t just stop here as you can even write an email adding all the necessary meeting participants.
  • You can thus sync data for an efficient and speedy workflow in the daily pressure and can use even excel files to process, write, and share with your colleagues

Now that you know how to use OneNote in Outlook, it would be beneficial if you do not wait any longer. 


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