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Category-wise Learning Games for Kids- Find the Best One for Your Kids

Today, there are several learning games for kids available online. Most of the games focus on different disciplines and have separate categories for various games. Educational games for kids are becoming increasingly popular among the masses, and there are definite reasons for the same. Not only do these games serve the kids’ interests, but they also help them learn about various matters. 

Educational games for kidsThese games even help the kids improve their soft skills, such as communicating in any of the preferred languages. Many of them aren’t on any screens and therefore act as learning resources. In this article, we will present to you all such best kids learning games, so that they can explore the best options available on the internet. 

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When it is about educational games, the games must be providing the best educational value to the kids. Therefore, you must choose the best educational games for kids. Have a look below to select the best variety of games under various categories

  • Pre-school

If we are talking about pre-school, parents and teachers must be careful in guiding them to the kinds of games they want them to play. Here is an exclusive list for the kids. 

  1. For the English Language section, you have Jumbo Bananagrams as the best learning game in this particular field. Your pre-schooler can now find the letters, spell names, and many more. This game is cute in all aspects, and thus, it is a must-try. 

Tell me a Story is yet another best educational games for kids. Kids will be amazed in arranging the picture cards in some form of a story, which thus speaks about the understanding and thinking capacity

Boogie Junior is the perfect option for solo or small groups. The game utilizes lettered dices best educational games for kidsinstead of numbers. Your kid can learn about matching the pictures to the letters, thus helping in the process of letter identification and many more.

  1. For the mathematics subject, you must go to Raccoon Rumpus. Kids will love the raccoon figure in cute costumes and can also learn a bit of mathematics. They can learn colors and counting.

Cootie is another one of the many learning games for kids. The kid needs to roll the dice, prepare a cootie bag, and know about counting, reading charts, and identifying the numbers. 

1-2-3 farmyard is another game that the kids may like to play. Here in the game, kids love to race with a mission of completing the farm from the cards that they have got from the deck. Your child may practice comparing numbers and counting through this game.

  1. For science, the best educational games for kids are undoubtedly The Bug Game and Hoot Owl Hoot. While the former teaches you to classify bugs and learn about the insects, the latter helps the players work together to know about the owls and other nocturnal animals.

Hoot Owl Hoot is a game where you need to help the owls sleep. The kids also get knowledge about astronomy and several flying creatures.

learning games for kidsRobot Turtles can help your kids get a touch of computer science programming. Kids have to use the code cards for moving the robot turtle. The game can help you in correcting bugs in programming and sub-routines. It can also ignite the urge of making strategies from a very young age. All these make it one of the best educational games for kids. 

  • Early Elementary

Kids or children in this period are slowly growing. This period is even more crucial as they are getting exposure to various subjects. 

  1. If we are talking about the English Language, Scrabble Junior is the best kids educational games 5. While one side of this game is blank, the other side has pictures; and several already printed words. This game helps you in letting matching and knowing the spellings.

Zingo is yet another such game, where the kids need to slide the provided zinger for revealing the words. The game is quite enriching per se and fun, helping the kids with word recognition and improving their vocabulary. 

Spot it! Basic English is another game in this category that emphasizes fluency, matching best learning gamethe words to images, and many more. Therefore, it ensures all the skills that an early elementary kid would need. The game is quick, and you can let your young sweetheart play the game before his or her tutor arrives. 

  1. In mathematics, children can even play the allowance game and the widely accepted UNO. UNO can teach your child numbers, strategy, and matching, while the first game promises to make your kid learn about money-making, saving, numeric, and many more. UNO needs no introduction, as it is already quite popular with several versions available right now. It is definitely of the most impactful kids learning games

 Sequence Numbers is another such mathematics gameplay, that the kids can play for addition, subtraction, and making strategies too. The winner can get five chip rows on board. 

  1. For science, the best learning game is Rock On. Just like its alluring name, Rock On helps the kids and children with the rocks’ information, gems, and other related information. The other mention can be Magic School Bus. This game helps in experimenting and know various facts about science. Moons and Planets is another infamous game for the kids to learn about the solar system and the planets in general.

Your kids may even learn about all the things related to social studies, as there are several kids learning games in this particular segment. Some of these are classified below.

  1. Rivers, Roads and Rails 

There are 140 colored cards that you can match for making a transportation system. All the kids can create and learn about transportation systems and maps.

  1. I Never Forget a Facelearning games for kids

The game shows information regarding various countries, and the kids can have a fun time playing the game while learning about different countries all across the world.

  1. Catan Jr. and Great States Jr.

    These are the best games that your child can play, they want to learn about natural resources and geography. They can know about the states’ capitals and the name of the cities. You can also let your kids learn about using the resources. 

So, there are ample educational games for kids, available on the internet. So you can easily choose the best educational games for kids

Therefore, you find a variety of best learning games; classified into various segments depending on the age and the types of subjects that these games focus upon. You can easily choose the game for your kid from all these big names. All the games mentioned above in the list impart knowledge, keeping alive the fun element. Even if you end up disliking a game, you can shift your focus onto some other game

So there you go! Help your kids play these games and have fun.

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