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Christopher Salem, the renowned business leader advisor with Business Upside

“Lead by example and be like a resource” – the success factor that works for the renowned business leader advisor and prosperity coach, Christopher Salem.

Christopher Salem, the most reputed business leader advisor and prosperity coach share his insights on the entrepreneurship mindset, business advertising tips, management style to inspire entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 

Being driven by his passion for empowering & serving business leaders, coaches, sales executives, speakers, and authors, Christopher or Chris Salem for over four years helped a lot of individuals and organizations to take their life and business to a new level. He sees life just like a regular person facing struggles and shares from his experience what could work successfully through dedication and hard work to meet those challenges

In his 26-year career as a Senior Sales Executive, Christopher has seen success selling aircraft, media, business investment, and implementation of residual income platform. He even battled his own demon and founded the mission to share and empower others so their personal lives and businesses can experience a new level of prosperity.

Chris joins Business Upside in this interview on a business mission, advertising media, and management style to make the venture a success. 

Edited excerpts from the Interview:

Business Upside [BU]: What acted as the driving factor to start this business?

Christopher Salem [CS]: The idea for the business came from seeing too many people and businesses operating from the problem and not from a solution.  State of mind is the foundation that impacts communication, leadership, productivity, and the ability to see things through.  This premise is what led me into the business that I serve in today and from personal and professional experience.

Business Upside [BU]: What was your mission at the outset?

Christopher Salem [CS]: To empower people and companies as a mentor, coach, and being the example to become their best operating within an interdependent environment from a growth mindset.  

Business Upside [BU]: How do you advertise your business?

Christopher Salem [CS]: Speaking platforms, podcasts, radio shows, social media, and sphere of influence.

Business Upside [BU]: To what do you attribute your success?

Christopher Salem [CS]: Experience and acquiring self-mastery over the years with overcoming limiting beliefs and truly studying people with how they communicate and their behavior.  

Business Upside [BU]: What do you look for in an employee?

Christopher Salem [CS]: Values and character first and then their strengths. Skill and talent are great but not as important without values, character, and strengths. 

Lead by example and be like a resource, watch the video to get the essence of the business principle


Business Upside [BU]: What is unique about your company?

Christopher Salem [CS]: CRS Group Holdings. LLC is highly transparent and operates with the utmost integrity.  We are compelled to others where they feel related to and understand.

Business Upside [BU]: Does your company help the community where it is located?

Christopher Salem [CS]: Yes, we have a 501c3 organization called Empowered Fathers in Action, Inc. that incorporates the same principles with a growth mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs to shift from a codependent to interdependent family structure in terms of communication and behavior.

Business Upside [BU]: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Christopher Salem [CS]: Believe in yourself by building your personal success foundation free from limiting beliefs. Next, establish your core values for your business that align with you and your audience. Trust the process with controlling what you know and let go of the rest. Give without expectation and receive without resistance.  

Business Upside [BU]: How do you measure success?

Christopher Salem [CS]: You helped someone or a company make a difference in their situation and revenue is just a byproduct of the value provided.  We use KPIs to track both internal and external success to show up better each day.  

Business Upside [BU]: What is your management style?

Christopher Salem [CS]: Lead by example and be like a resource.  Empower others through your example interdependently to be their best and perform at a higher level. 

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