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10 Powers of the Moringa Powder – The Super Plant Source

The Western world has shown great interest in traditional Indian medicinal plants. One such plant is the Moringa plant known to possess many health benefiting properties. Moringa plant is native to the Indian subcontinent and can also be grown in subtropical regions in Africa and the Americas. Moringa plants have been traditionally used in many ways. Moringa leaves, Moringa pods, Moringa seeds, oil extracts, and even Moringa bark have been used in traditional Indian curries and lentil soups. Moringa leaves when dried and ground, produce the highly useful Moringa leaf powder. This powder is versatile and easy to consume. One can easily add it to their morning smoothie or even use it like matcha. You can bake it into your favorite zucchini bread or use it as an alternative for caffeine-free coffee. You can also choose the refreshing Moringa tea to energize your mornings and keep you healthy and active throughout the day. Moringa plants have been used for centuries in rich Ayurvedic treatments and traditional knowledge claims that Moringa has the powers to treat 300 illnesses of the human body. Recently there has been extensive research on the Moringa powder health benefits. There is now countless science-based evidence of the many health benefits of Moringa. The following are 10 Moringa powder health benefits.

10 Moringa powder health benefits

1. Vitamins and minerals:

Moringa capsulesA single cup of chopped Moringa leaves is loaded with iron, calcium, vitamins C and B6, and riboflavin. Moringa leaf powder also contains potassium, vitamins A and E, and magnesium. Likely, Moringa powder benefits better vision and immunity and even skin radiance and bone health. Therefore, Moringa supplements, Moringa pills, Moringa capsules, or organic Moringa seed oil are probably capable of fighting internal and also external microbes. Further, it can counter the toxicity levels of arsenic and also counter toxicity in other foods. These factors make Moringa leaf powder a powerful immunity booster. Moringa also contains properties that improve retinal health and protect the eyes. Moringa supplement has been proven to protect capillary membranes of the eyes. It is not surprising that Moringa nutritional facts rank it higher than most legumes and other daily vegetables in nutritional value!

2. Plant-based protein:

Moringa powder is rich in plant-based proteins, even more than some legumes as they contain all the essential amino acids, 18 in total, which is fundamental for energy production, muscle repair, and mood regulation.

3. Hormonal balance:

Another recent study conducted in postmenopausal women fed with a combination of Amaranth and moringa leaf powder for three months found that:

  • the postmenopausal women had decreased markers of oxidative stress,Moringa nutritional facts
  • Enhanced fasting blood glucose,
  • Increased hemoglobin levels, and hence,
  • More balanced hormones. 

This study was published in the Journal of Food and Science Technology. Moringa also has the properties to control hormones related to energy, digestion, and sleep. Therefore, Moringa leaf powder also helps improve thyroid health. 

4. Liver protection:

Moringa contains polyphenols in high concentrations. This benefits the liver by:

  • reversing the oxidation in the liver,
  • reducing liver fibrosis 
  • Protecting against liver damage.

5. Reduce inflammation:

Say “hi” to Moringa leaf powder and “bye-bye” to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease! Moringa has repeatedly proven to be able to control inflammation in body cells. This is health benefits of Moringabecause it contains inflammation-controlling polyphenols and isothiocyanates. Moringa reduces inflammation as it suppresses the inflammatory proteins and enzymes in the body. Moringa aids in controlling allergic reactions by relaxing the metabolism of the body and are prescribed for people prone to hypersensitive allergic reactions. The anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa also help asthmatic patients fight inflammation in their airways and bronchial asthma symptoms.

6. Fight free radicals:

When you eat a lot of junk food or are exposed to the sun, your body generates a lot of free radicals. Antioxidants, like ascorbic acid, flavonoids, polyphenols, act as an antidote to these free radicals, and guess what, Moringa has them all! Not just that, a diet that is rich in antioxidants can even prevent premature wrinkles and could probably make you live a longer life!

7. Blood Sugar levels:

An animal study on the Moringa leaf powder health benefits showed the following positive results:

  • Moringa powder was effective at reducing lipid levels,
  • reducing glucose levels,
  • regulating oxidative stress,
  • Controlling weight gain, and,
  • insulin resistance and activate insulin circulation, and hence,
  • Actively controlling blood sugar levels.

These amazing properties make Moringa leaf powder a must for all diabetics and patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. 

8. Digestion:

Moringa has natural antibiotic and antibacterial properties which are believed to help keep the growth of various pathogens under check. This way Moringa powder can be helpful against indigestion. We already know of Moringa‘s anti-inflammatory properties. These have helped fight digestive disorders like colitis. Moreover, a recent study in lab rats found that Moringa could also enhance bacteria in the gut. Moringa leaf powder contains around 30% fiber. Most of this fiber is insoluble, and so it is important for digestion, stomach aches, and prevention of disease. Moringa powder can even help to degenerate kidney stones as well as fight urinary tract infection, diarrhea, and constipation.

9. Brain Health:

Moringa leaf powder is full of vitamins C and E, which of course provides great nutritional quotients in your diet but also helps to:

  • combat the oxidative stress linked to Alzheimer’s
  • prevent possibilities of dementia
  • increase dopamine levels,
  • increase serotonin,  which is the “happy hormones”

10. It works as Wonder:

Believe it or not, but Moringa leaf powder may also work as a wonder! Recent studies have shown, moringa extracts help to protect and nourish hair and skin. Moreover, Moringa has been known to prevent and treat edema, cancer, ulcerative colitis, constipation, mood disorders, and gastritis. It also fights against bacterial infections. Moringa leaves are said to make strong and healthy bones, protect the cardiovascular system, treat asthma, prevent kidney disorders, heal wounds, reduce blood pressure, and Moringa supplementsimprove eye health. The moringa supplements help to cure anemia and illness symptomatic to sickle cell anemia.

Moringa is also full of tryptophan. Tryptophan acts as a key neurotransmitter that helps to improve serotonin production. Improved serotonin levels are good signs that ensure that your mood remains elevated.

From indigestion to blood sugar control, and diabetes to sex life, Moringa powder seems to have remedies for all. Often Moringa is described as an active anti-cancer agent. Moringa extracts contain compounds that have the properties to combat tumors. Moringa also contains the chemical “Niazimicin”. This checks the growth of cancer cells and is even capable of treating malignant tumors. There have been studies conducted that successfully concluded how Moringa was effective in fighting certain skin, hepatic, and ovarian cancers. In general, having regular doses of Moringa powder can easily energize your day. Its active chemicals and elements are proven to improve the cellular energy of your body and keep you active throughout the day. Apart from all of these amazing health benefits of Moringa, it also works as a toning astringent for the skin. It can serve as a treatment for an athlete’s foot and also proves to be a reliable treatment for gingivitis. It is easily available online and even in health and grocery stores. You can avail the best deals online on Amazon. So grab your pack of Moringa powder and choose a healthier tomorrow.

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