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Social Media Customer Relationship Management

A bad experience with a brand on its social media page, turns away 21% of millennials from a brand, according to research. Thus, improving customer experiences is one of the primary lookouts of every brand. Since social media forms, one of the pillars of digital marketing of a brand, social media customer relationship management should be essentially prioritized. Using social media to build customer relationships is an easy and humbling experience as many brands confirm. Since there is direct communication with the customers on social media pages, feedback and suggestions can help improve the business strategies of the brand. Also, social media is a platform where the customers can seek help from the brand at any time and from anywhere. Therefore, CRM and social media should go hand in hand.

Why Social Media and Customer Relationship Management?

crm and social mediaQuestions might arise as to why should social media and CRM be tagged in unison. The reasons are very simple from the business perspective. Not only does communication with customers become easy but also cost-effective and efficient. Social Media also provides the analytics of a business account or page. It helps keep track of customer traffic, sales, and others. Brands do a promotion with minimal costs through creative campaigns on social media pages. These campaigns will help include customers and strengthen customer relationships. Most customers expect replies from a brand social media page within an hour and instant communication makes the customer feel valued. This leads to creating a loyal customer base of a brand. 

3 Steps of Using Social Media to Build Better Customer Relationships

Here are three steps of using social media to build customer relationships that last long:

  • Managing complaints through social media is an important use of social media for CRM. The brand must reply to the public message posted by the customer to demonstrate that it takes heed of customer complaints. The brand can then take up the issue on the personal message box and ensure the redressal of the complaint. 
  • Rewarding the most engaging customers by sharing their pictures or posts also serves as great CRM activities. A brand can also send little promotional gifts offline to the loyal customers reminding them of their value for the brand.
  • Value addition to your products/services and selling them at the right time like offering a solution or advice to the customers is essential. The right opportunity for sales should not be missed. Social media gives access to more than the professional side of the customer, this can be used positively to up-sell and value add to the existing product or service line.

social media and customer relationship managementSocial Media and CRM are inseparable in the business format practised in the 21st century. One can not underestimate the power of a social media page any further. Customers these days demand an efficient and functional social media page for any brand. This demand can be put to use for the benefit and promotion of brand value by any firm.


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