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How to Change your Beliefs for Good and Stick to your Goals

Everybody in this world wants to achieve success. To become successful, one has to believe that he can attain the goals set before him. If he doesn’t, there is very less likely that he will fulfill his dreams. So, negative belief or lack of self-confidence is strictly a ‘no-no’ in our lives. Failures often give rise to negative thinking but they are not the end of the world. We need to remember that failure and success are two facets of our life. On certain occasions, we become a failure and sometimes we get successful. “Failures are the pillars of success” – so goes the proverb. So, let us see how to change your beliefs.

How to change your beliefs about yourself

In the very beginning, you need to take an honest approach to your beliefs. This necessitates getting adroit at arresting your thoughts. Hence, anytime you feel dejected or let down, try to switch your focus to what your thoughts are. 

how to change a beliefThe fundamental concept is that the beliefs you have in yourself control your long-term behavior. You might pretend to attend the gym or eat something nutritious but if you don’t switch your core individuality, you will find it difficult to adhere to your long-standing lifestyle modifications.

Know the layers of behavior change 

According to behavioral scientists, there are three layers of behavioral change and they are the following:

  • Change in your identity 
  • Alteration in your processes
  • Change in your outcomes

How to change your belief system

Most of us begin by concentrating on outcome-oriented objectives such as “I wish to shed 15 pounds” or “I want to become a TV star”. However, these are superficial changes.

The origin of behavioral change and developing sensible habits is your identity. Every activity carried out by you is controlled by the underlying belief that it can happen. Therefore, if you can alter your identity or the kind of individual you think you are, then it is simpler for you to modify your activities. 

Your identity comes out from your beliefs. People do not take birth with predetermined beliefs. Rather, every belief, comprising the beliefs about yourself, is acquired and adapted via familiarity.

To be more specific, your habits symbolize your identity. While making your bed or watering the plants, you symbolize or personify that you are an organized individual. While writing a poem or short story, you symbolize that you are a creative human being.  At the time of exercising or hitting the gym, you become a symbol of a sporty individual. 

changing beliefsThe more you reiterate a behavior, the more you fortify the individuality related to that behavior. It is noteworthy that the term “identity” originated from two Latin expressions; essentitas, which stands for “being”, and identidem, which implies recurrently. Hence, your individuality or identity is precisely your “recurrent beingness”. 

Habits and Beliefs

Whatever identity you have at present, you just feel it since you bear evidence of it. Going to the church every Sunday for the last ten years proves you’re spiritual. Studying astrophysics for two hours every night proves that you are bookish. Hitting the gym even amid snowfall substantiates that you are dedicated to fitness. The more proof you bear for a belief, the more powerfully you will believe it.   

change beliefOf course, your habits are not the exclusive factors that control your identity. However, in terms of their occurrence, they are typically the most significant ones. Every experience you gather amends you as an individual. Playing baseball only on a few occasions will not make you think you are a baseball ace or only scrawling a picture will not make you an artist. Once you reiterate these activities, you start gathering the proof and your self-perception starts to transform. One single instance will not change your beliefs. It is entirely a gradual and cumulative procedure. With time, the outcome of your habits becomes strengthened. This implies that your habits chip in the majority of the proofs that build your identity. So, in this manner, the procedure of forming habits is essentially the procedure of transforming yourself. 

Assembling all these, we will find that habits are the means of transforming your personality. Furthermore, the most pragmatic technique to modify who you are is to modify what you do.

Practice changing beliefs in the following ways:

  • Each time you play the guitar, believe you are a musician.
  • Every time you write a page, believe you are an author.
  • Each time you begin an exercise, believe you are a sportsperson.
  • Every time you motivate your workers, believe you are a leader.

change your belief system

Every habit not only fetches outcomes but also trains you something considerably more significant: to believe in yourself. You begin to think you can really achieve these goals


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