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Guide to the Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks Available

Artificial Intelligence is a blooming concept in today’s world. Many people don’t know, but we use artificial intelligence in our daily lives, and the use of artificial intelligence is increasing rapidly every day. The future of artificial intelligence is very promising as it enables machines to learn from experiences, accommodate new information, and carry out human-like activities. Additionally, many enterprises have been actively working on AI technology and examples include gaming computers to driverless carsAlso, with the advancement of this technology, people are willing to invest in the best artificial intelligence stocks as the prices of these stocks will rise very sharply in a few years’ time.

Let’s know more about the best artificial intelligence stocks in the market!

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s first define artificial intelligence

In short, the idea of artificial intelligence is to develop machines in such a way that they can execute tasks far more effectively than a human being.

Future of Artificial Intelligence dangers of ai

Did you know about the artificial intelligence robot Sophia?

Robots like this are causing revolutionary improvements in the world. A few years later, these AI robots will be able to replace humans because they are more powerful than humans.

A good example of artificial intelligence would be Google Maps.

Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks Available

ai technologyNvidia Corp. (NVDA): Nvidia is well known for the design of gaming and technical GPUs. In 2020 they launched NVIDIA DGX-2, which they say to be the most powerful Artificial Intelligence platform in the world. 

Stock Price: 535.84 USD (as of 04.12.2020)

Alphabet (GOOGL): This is Google’s parent company that is working on a project called ambient computing that aims to make technology accessible anywhere and wherever you need it.

Stock Price: 1,821.84 USD (as of 04.12.2020)

Amazon.com (AMZN): Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce websites has its own AI management strategy called The Flywheel which maintains AI innovation. It also facilitates the know-how of ML to spread across the enterprise, which drives them to design products. The thought of artificial intelligence a modern approach is used by them for many years.

Stock Price: 3,186.73 USD (as of 04.12.2020)

benefits of artificial intelligenceFacebook (FB): More than 2.74 billion users as of 2020 is using Facebook and the number is rising every day. It uses AI to screen out offensive material, hate speech, and other policy-based content. It is also focusing on a variety of other AI-based projects.

Stock Price: 281.85 USD (as of 04.12.2020)

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10

Predictive Oncology Inc. (POAI): The company is focused on implementing AI for the development in the fields of healthcare and medicines.

Stock Price: 0.72 USD

Remark Holdings, Inc (MARK): The aim of the company is to develop AI-based products and providing AI-based solutions to other industries.

Stock Price: 1.46 USD (as of 04.12.2020)artificial intelligence benefits

Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PGNX): Main focus of the company is to develop medicines and equipment to fight and treat cancer.

Stock Price: 4.10 USD (as of 04.12.2020)

Rekor Systems, Inc (REKR): Uses technologies like AI and ML for automatic license plate recognition(ALPR).

Stock Price: 5.21 USD (as of 04.12.2020)

So if you’re going to invest in stocks, investing in artificial intelligence stocks may be a smart way to invest.


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