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Free Online Games are taking over

Everyone, especially children, is having a tough time spending their day within four walls during the pandemic. With no outdoor activities, it is getting even more difficult. Gradually, children have turned to free online games for passing their time. These games are becoming popular day by day.

How online games for free are getting widespread

Online games are a major source of entertainment for kids. Furthermore, some of the best online games are available for free. Hence, children are becoming attracted to these fun games to play online. The best resource in the pandemic situation for children to keep busy free online games and thousands of games are already available on the internet.

But, while playing, one must not play for a long duration. Hence, it is important to maintain a balance between games and other lifestyle activities. Keep in mind to play fun games to play online as per the following suggestions:

  1. Assign a particular time of the day.
  2. Seat at a safe distance from the laptop or PC.
  3. Ensure you maintain proper posture since sitting for long hours can cause back pain.

Now, lets move on the see the different types of free online games.

Types of games

Online PC games

These are such types of games that are played on the PC through an internet connection, all generation fun games to play online PC games.

Web games

These are web-based games, thousands of such games are available on various web platforms.

Mobile app games 

There are various mobile free games for kids. They are available on App Store or Play Store.

Augmented Reality(AR) games

Augmented Reality shows the real physical world in digital form. These are addicting games in which visual and audio content are integrated in such a way that it feels like real-time.

Virtual Reality (VR) games

It is the technology with the help of it we create a simulated environment that gives a real-life feel while playing. Online games for kids are also available based on VR such as Tabletop simulator, No Man’s Sky VR.

There are various benefits and side effects of free online games. That’s why one must play these addicting games in a balanced way.


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