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Email marketing tools – How has Covid-19 impacted the industry

Working from home has become the new normal. Businesses all across the world have been plagued by the pandemic. The very definition of workstations for office goers and return on investment for business entities have changed. Email marketing has always been an integral part of marketing campaigns and promotion. Let us find out more about email marketing during the times of Covid-19.

Online email marketing tools- How to make them effective during the pandemic

Email marketing_01The importance of email has grown even more during these troubled times. With businesses dwindling and many of them bring down their shutters, you must be careful about what you write to your prospective clients.

Find out a few tips from the experts as to what your approach must be during the crisis that is ruling the planet now-

  1. In the past, email was used, abused, and sometimes the potential was not tapped into fully. However, with the pandemic, it has assumed a lot of importance. But now email marketers must be careful enough as to how the approach must be especially given the current mindset of the people or consumers.

While some have lost their jobs, some start-ups have been wiped off from the business list completely. As such, the manner in which you must address your customers must be well-thought of.

    1. If you want to make the emailing tool effective, your main aim will be to convince your clients. Most importantly, you have to make them believe that you are following all the norms that the government has laid down following Covid-19 protocol (SOP). Free email marketing tools
    2. “Reassurance is the key”, says an expert. You have to give a reason why your consumers must believe you and why they must part with their hard-earned money especially when every household is facing a financial crunch now. So, it is indeed a tough job but with a positive mindset, it is surely going to pay-off.
    3. You will find that there are many email marketing tools that will be present in the market now. Maybe few that have been around for longer than the rest. Weigh the pros and cons of what you select.

  1. Lierin Ehmke, who is a Senior Digital Marketing Analyst with Comperemedia, cites the example of SunTrust (Truist). Ehmke says, “Not only did it remind customers of its contactless payments capabilities, but they took it a step further by listing retailers where contactless technology is offered. This helps customers plan for a safe shopping experience while working to boost the business of both the bank and the retailers”.
  2. You can also make your free email marketing tools effective by acquiring even more consumer data. Having more data means that you will be able to send personalized messages to your prospective leads.Online email marketing tools
  3. While using email marketing tools, make sure you show a lot of empathy while communicating. According to Garin Hobbs, who is the Director of Deal Strategy at Iterable, “When dashboards and stats dominate the decision making, it’s easy to forget that behind every open there is a person. The task at hand for marketers is to message with empathy, which involves acknowledging the audience’s perspective, crafting judgment-free messages, and mirroring customer emotions”.

So, even if you have to deal with low ROI and failed marketing efforts, you cannot lose your cool. You have to deal with empathy with your clients at every point.

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