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6 Ways of Digital Marketing- How to Improve Click through Rate?

CTR or click-through rate is a measure of how many visitors who view your advertisements placed on the site actually click on it. Few factors that can influence this decision to whether click on the ad or not include positioning of the advertisement, keywords you use, quality of the images, and other factors as well.

Let us find out answers to questions like “How to increase the click-through rate.”

How to improve Click Through Rate- What measures will you take to succeed?

It is important to know what CTR is in the first place in brief.

how to improve ctrCTR is a ratio that shows how frequently people will see click on your advertisement that they see. It can be a listing of products. CTR or Clickthrough rate established how well the keywords that you choose for the ads and free listings are performing.


As far as CTR Google ads or Google click advertising is concerned, the average CTR of an advertisement on “Google Display Network” is approximately 0.4%.

Facts about CTR-

  • CTR is the “number of clicks your ads receive divided by the number of times your ad is shown”. For instance, if there are 5 clicks and 100 impressions, the CTR you obtain would be 5%.
  • Every ad, keywords, and listings that you display have their own Click through rates. These rates can be found in your account.
  • If you obtain a high CTR, it means that the manner in which you are projecting your ads, listings, and keywords are helpful and visitors find them relevant.
  • With the help of the CTR you obtain, you will be able to know how a particular keyword or listing is performing. This can help you immensely as you can rework them as per the requirement.
  • Ad Clicks/Ad Impressions= Click-Through Rate

Let us find out a few ways as to how to increase the click-through rate for your business promotion and visibility.

1. Look for long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords form a crucial part of your SEO strategy. Aside from that, they are “essential” for the blogs too. By simply incorporating these long-tailed keywords or key phrases, you can remarkably improve the volume of organic queries that help you to rank in the first place.

how to improve click through rate

According to experts, incorporating long-tail keywords increases your chances of getting better CTR. Not only that if we take the arrangement of keywords as a funnel, while smaller keywords help to build the topmost part of the funnel, but these long-tailed keywords will also help you to form the middle and bottom positions of the funnel.

2. Meta descriptions

Writing effective meta-descriptions is key to your entry into the SERPs. They not only help you to connect better, but it also allows readers to know what to expect when they click a link. It helps in improving the Clickthrough rate.

Make the best use of these 160 characters and let them help you as a springboard that must not go to waste.

3. Make sure you present structured data

If you have your content well-planned and structured with the right URLs and Meta description, it is a key component to being seen in SERPs. Let us say, you are talking about a movie and compare the rating with other movies that belong to the same genre. You must offer structured data to the readers. If you are able to comply with the right algorithm of what Google looks for in any content, it is half the battle won.

4. Posts must have images

ctr google adsWe all know that as compared to textual content visual content registers better in human minds. So, when you are writing a post use images that really count a lot when it comes to Clickthrough rates.

These images can help improve click-through rate by as much as 42% in the case of emails. You will also be able to keep your audience engaged on social media channels for longer. So, visual content marketing is crucial.

5. Use URLs that are descriptive

The URL you select is “an opportunity” for using it as a long-tailed keyword. As we have discussed above, using a long-tail keyword increases the value of CTR. Use the links judiciously so that you do not forego this opportunity. Also, the URL length, the category to which it belongs, and the path impact the search results and eventually your position in the SERPs.

6. Make the title format simple

The title is the main part that is seen in the search results. You can change the sequence of the words that you use in the title as per requirement. But simplify it always.

The 6 steps for improving CTR are just a few of them. There are many other measures that you can adopt for better results.

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