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5 Alternatives for Clickbank: Your Useful Glossary

Clickbank affiliate marketplace is a good tool as it approves everyone virtually. The approval zone of Clickbank is greater and they have a unique palette of products with higher commission rates. Clickbank has been a very useful tool for many users in the field of marketing. One of the major reasons for it being on the top is its reliability with payments. However, this article is to provide more alternatives to Clickbank and to introduce to you various affiliates like it.

1. Rakuten LinkShare:affiliate marketer

Rakuten LinkShare like Clickbank provides you with a variety of product options from renowned brands. The sign-up process is a bit detailed than other networks. However, it comes with detailed input to help you while using it. That can get a little complicated as Clickbank’s procedure is simpler and a marketer is easily approved.

Benefits of LinkShare as an alternative to Clickbank:

  • LinkShare is a setup of physical products.
  • It offers bigger brands than ClickBank.
  • An experienced affiliate marketer will find it more useful to use Linkshare.

2. CJ Affiliate by Conversant:

CJ Affiliate requires acceptance from advertisers. This might take a little longer than numerous other networks in the market. However, the difficulty of acceptance is not too high. The criteria for acceptance are being a genuine marketer with ethical practices.

CJ Affiliate provides better filtration as per serviceable area, language, category, currency, etc. which makes it convenient for a user. It provides more details about the brands and also offers a large variety of products.

Benefits of CJ Affiliate as an alternative to Clickbank:

CJ Affiliate

  • CJ Affiliate has both physical and digital products.
  • It offers better filtration which makes it easier to find your required products.
  • It offers you detailed information about the brands they sell.
  • The network has more earnings.

3. ShareASale:

ShareASale is not the easiest affiliate to operate but it does have its own set of benefits. It gives the ability to add products to the ‘Basket’ option. This helps you assemble your required products and merchants as per your preference. This network also provides physical and digital products.

Benefits of ShareASale as an alternative to Clickbank:

  • It has both digital and physical products.
  • The ‘Basket’ option makes it easier for you to customize lists of preferred products or merchants in the network.
  • The network is more secure than Clickbank as one has to go through scrutiny to prove that they are a legitimate marketer.

4. Market Health:

Market Health

Market Health provides some unique categories like Health Products, Colon Health, Sports Nutrition, Men’s Health, Weight loss, Cosmetics, Skin Care, etc. Clicking on a product will provide you with intricate details of the product which includes its sales page and tracking link.

Benefits of Market Health as an alternative to ClickBank:

  • Market Health provides a Health and Beauty niche.
  • The sign-up process is simple and straightforward.
  • It provides the tracking details and sales review of your preferred products.
  • One can customize their tracking link in various ways.

5. NeverBlue:

NeverBlue is a cost per action network. One gets a commission to sign up and enter details. It is beneficial for people wanting traffic and leads with individuals who can be beneficial to their cause. It has a good reputation for being a supportive and communicative network.

communicative networkBenefits of Neverblue as an alternative to clickbait:

  • The major benefit is its cost per action character.
  • It is beneficial for people on the lookout for traffic.


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