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Use these eCommerce Growth Hacking Strategies to Employ for Optimum Business Returns

E-commerce is undoubtedly a rapidly growing field. With the pandemic, it is playing an even better role in marketing products. This is because the majority of the people are not stirring of their homes and buying stuff online instead.

Growth Hacking Strategies – Follow these eCommerce growth hacking steps

Growth hacking techniqueExperts are of the opinion that in order that the growth hack techniques succeed, it is important that every member of the growth hacking team must have a common mindset. Working in sync can work wonders in this case.

Follow growth hacking strategies for ecommerce for best results-

1. Test A/B product pages

One of the better growth hacks for eCommerce includes running a test for your product pages. Perform the A/B test and this is how you can proceed. Take into account the following parameters-

  • What is the size of the photos of the products?
  • Exclude or include a trust badge
  • Inform customers through an indication that the supply of your product is limited
  • The color scheme of the “Add to Cart” button

2. Word-of-mouth and recommendations

Those reviews have the greatest positive impact that is posted by users or customers that have experienced the services or used the products. Word-of-mouth, referrals, recommendations, and user stories can help a business grow to great heights.

So, how will prospective buyers and also older ones get to know about the feedback of your products? This is how you can do it-

Ecommerce growth hacking

  1. Posting reviews only on your product page is not enough. Allow your clients to know how your products are rated on the homepage. As snippets, you can add feedback and positive reviews on the sides of your pages and also on your online stores.
  2. Testimonials must be highlighted. You can encourage your customers to write testimonials that relate to a story or a real-life experience.

3. Write guest posts

You might have a blog of your own where you reach out to your loyal and existing clients. However, that is not just enough. If you want others to know about your business, how good your brand is, what you offer to your target audience, it is best to write guest posts on outside blogs. In this way, you will be able to reach out to a much wider audience.

4. Give your buyers back something they will remember

Ecommerce growthEvery loyal customer loves it when his brand loyalty is acknowledged. Considered as one of the most effective growth hacking techniques, make sure you give your customers something in return. And what is it exactly? You can give discounts, freebies, offers, or a handwritten thank you card for that matter.

It really counts and has been found to be an effective way of acknowledging their contribution and also help them realize that you value their loyalty.

Regardless of whether it is B2B growth hacking strategies or B2C growth hacking techniques, the main objective of every business entity is the same. Employ the above techniques to get the best results. However, you will find that there are many more than just the above few.

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